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  1. that wasn't my backpack, i was using it to carry all the swags lol
  2. This is actually my first time replying on forum. I went to high school and college in Canada for about 4 years. I know my English is not perfect and I am still working on it. As you guys know most of us went to BCIT together and we have known each other quit well. Berkel is my best friend in Canada(maybe). that would be weird if he actually treated me too nice. He helped me a lot on moving here, settling down in Canada a lot more that you guys won't see behind the camera. Any jokes he made didn't bother me and they were entertaining for me as well. If there were actually a racist or
  3. Hey bud! remember me? I was the guy who gave you a fist bump in the kitchen when i was taking a tour of the office. How everything man?

    1. Yummychickenblue


      ( I don't think he remembers him)