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    Computer Engineering, Linux, Rust, Python, Physics, and EL E.
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    Just another villager


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    AMD R5 3600
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    Asus B450-F
  • RAM
    32GB DDR4 3200 CL16
  • GPU
    AMD RX 480
  • Case
    Corsair 570x
  • Storage
    1TB Samsung Evo 860 (sata m.2), 256GB SSD (sata m.2), 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    550W Seasonic something Gold
  • Display(s)
    2160p IPS
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master 2s
  • Operating System
    openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • Laptop
    Dell G5 5590

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  1. I run it day in and day out on my laptop, and not because it's slow as it has 6 cores w/ 32GB of ram, don't laugh at my 1050 Ti tho. Low resource usage I can take pleasure knowing that onedrive which isn't logged in doesn't spike to 100% CPU usage and slow down the desktop on a 6 core system, even on fresh installs from various versions Super responsive, just a smoother desktop experience overall Desktop usage easily sits under 800MB on a heavier DE whereas others can easily be lower Feature rich if need be, minimal if need be More choice a
  2. Are you sure about that? This one time I had tacos I had a vision of indigestion and it came true!
  3. I keep hearing about forum members wanting to make tier lists for everything, why bother when we already have the ultimate one completed:


    Also obligatory Neofetch


  4. Obligatory Neofetch




    Updates, or as I've recently taken to calling it, [REDACTED] plus Updates ?

    • Finally moved out and got far less subpar internet at the new house, from 18 down and 1 up to 200 down and 25 up.
    • Now work as a freelance and oh how better it is than working night shift at a dead end job
    • Upgraded my laptop to 32GBs of ram, ah this really gives you room to breathe.
    • Got around to tweaking the ram speeds on my old desktop for the heck of it, and finally got past 1333Mhz. This whole time all I needed to do was tighten the timings, pretty sad but oh well.
    • Taken a liking to Fedora + Gnome on my old desktop, still primarily using openSUSE TW on my laptop, that's just how I roll
    • In regards to the above picture, really digging the Qogir-dark theme. That and surprised at how much I like wobbly windows, just so fun to use :D
    • Got bored of Android Q and flashed LineageOS 16 (Android Pie) onto the PH-1 and do not regret it, it's also Gapps free so better battery life and privacy too. Nextcloud sure is handy for syncing calendars, contacts, and the usual that you would have normally synced with Google/Apple.
    • Still amazes me when Windows is faster and more responsive in a VM on top of Linux all while lacking GPU acceleration vs Windows installed directly on this system with GPU acceleration.
    • openSUSE finally switched on the LTO builds so now it has become comparable to Clear Linux in a few cases, pretty neat imo for a distro not aimed at being the fastest.
  5. Hmm, more stuff n' stuff, mainly linux since that's come to the lime-light as of late it appears.



        As some of you may know, I had switched to using Linux distros almost exclusively since August of last year. To be more exact, the same day that a new college semester had arisen, I had acted upon a whim to outright format my Windows partitions and break out of my comfort zone. To that I ended up running the distro, openSUSE Tumbleweed, for a number of reasons, of which I'll get back to later. It should be clarified that before this whim of mine, I had prior experience dabbling with a couple distros throughout the years, but these were greatly limited in scale and I had already been using Windows for two decades prior to this. (Remember Windows ME? Great times) With this dive I had not touched another desktop OS outside of Linux for two months straight, after which I briefly dual booted to play some newer games that had at the time not run under Windows along with some NVIDIA Optimus issues. Ofc this was all before Proton/DXVK, once those started to bear fruit I had once more dumped the Windows partition that I had rarely touched as is, and returned to Linux exclusivity. At this point outside of a few games using EAC or battleye, there's nothing that I miss from Windows, tbh when I realized that I had gotten to this point, I was surprised. Sure the NVIDIA Optimus experience could stand to be improved, but that's really an issue with NVIDIA's approach to Linux as a whole (Read: Switchable graphics with AMD/Intel don't have the same issues as Optimus). Before you say that I've just forgotten what Windows is like, I do occasionally spin up VMs to see how things are progressing.


        As mentioned before, I had ended up settling on openSUSE Tumbleweed for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most minor today since I could now run just about most distros on my current laptop, but on its predecessor this distro just worked better ootb. The main reason perhaps is that I can run a rolling distro and update without fear unlike say Arch derived distros (My laptops had a habit of kernel panicking after updates on arch for whatever reason, never has been an issue on openSUSE for me at least) as the updates are tested through openQA so the likely hood that an update that could break things is vastly reduced. Now less tumbleweed as a whole and now onto the whole linux vs windows and why I'm still here, some reasons: System resources, responsiveness, and control. Even on the heavier DEs (desktop environments) like KDE Plasma and Gnome 3, you could easily be sitting at ~600MBs of system memory in use, with the likes of XFCE getting that down to ~450MB, at the very least for my systems. Ofc memory is hardly the whole story as the system as a whole is using less CPU time all while having a noticeable edge in responsiveness over Windows. And with the control aspect, it is what it means, you can control every minor detail of your system, you can outright replace the desktop in minutes if you so wish. Last but not least, battery life. Whether both installs are in High performance mode or battery saver mode, Linux on my laptop handily beats Windows to the ground.


       In other news, like the crazy individual I am, decided to run the Android Q Beta on my primary phone with the bugs galore and daily it. Still rocking an Nintendo Switch, the stage builder was a great addition to Smash Bros Ultimate, also some hype for Super Mario Maker 2, really can't wait to see what people make with it. Installing my Nextcloud server into an Nintendo GameCube chassis went well, the internal PSU made things go smoother as I could reuse the 5v rail and it had a smaller package than the one I was going to cram in their. On that note it also made it easier to reuse the mechanism for turning on a GameCube to keep that authentic feeling, ah the clickiness. I guess I fade away once more.

  6. Some sites to see for compatibility: https://www.protondb.com/ https://appdb.winehq.org/ https://lutris.net/ ShadowPlay isn't on Linux, however OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is and is well supported. Krita and Gimp would do well for images, while videos you'll find Kdenlive, Davinci Resolve,and Cinelerra GG should fill it. That would be more of a sore spot, older versions of the Office suite work well and a bunch of their apps have a web version though. (See section 1 on seeing for Windows compatibility)
  7. Both Unreal and Unity have Linux support (Unreal you need to compile the editor yourself while Unity has a ready to go package), also you want to target Vulkan instead of OpenGL if you want the high throughput.
  8. Been using Linux as my primary OS for quite some time, I don't know who in their right mind is saying you can't game here, but before proton was a thing, ~40% of my steam library already had a native linux version. Now with proton/wine, nearly my entire library will run fine, and with DXVK the performance is anywhere from 80% to 95% what it was on Windows. Just about all of the games that have any issues are those with anticheat, but as stated in the video, valve is putting in more work to fix that. (Wouldn't mind something like Apex from time to time, ran without a hitch before they added/upd
  9. Reminder that @King Poet exists
    Also various stuff n' stuff


    Highlights: Got a new laptop, built a nextcloud server, and got an Nintendo Switch

    To start, the Nextcloud server

    • Backed the Atomic Pi kick starter and got it a while back
    • Has a quad core Atom processor that operates at ~1.9GHz all cores while sipping power (Like between 5-15 watts)
    • 2GB of ram and 16GB eMMC storage onboard
    • Has microSD, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0 ports, which the USB is populated with a 1TB drive until I get around to getting a larger drive
    • Got a super cheap domain from namecheap for it
    • One of the type of single board computers that you need to wire up the 5v to it, so got a NeeKeons AC to 5v 5a DC, that way it'll have more than ample power for external components
    • Installed Nextcloud on top of an openSUSE Tumbleweed base

    Also got a Switch

    • So many games and using old 128GB SD card with it, may consider getting a 256GB one later on, but I'm sure I can still fit the upcoming Animal Crossing and Pikmin, games (And the now delayed Metroid Prime 4)
    • Very pleasant experience even for low end specs (As I get older I focus more on the actual game and its game play instead of increasing graphical finesse)

    Lastly the new laptop, went from an Inspiron 5577 to a G5 5590, a very major upgrade if I do say so myself

    • CPU: i5 7300HQ (4c/4t, 3.1GHz all core turbo) -> i7 8750H (6c/12t, 3.9GHz all core turbo)
      • From my limited testing it appears that this is one of those few laptops that can sustain the max turbo of that chip while not being an extra fat gaming laptop
      • May repaste the CPU later but doesn't seem necessary for the time being
    • GPU: GTX 1050 4GB -> GTX 1050 Ti
      • Almost got an RTX 2060, but decided against it as I hardly game and for similar reasons to the Switch, the normal 1050 was already fine enough by me
    • Ram: Still 16GB of it
    • Mouse: Logitech G602 -> Logitech MX Master 2s
      • Definitely feels a whole lot nicer, that's for sure
    • Display: 1080p IPS
      • The Inspiron I had to replace its screen with an AU IPS panel as the included TN panel was absolute trash, however I did not need to do so this go as the included IPS panel is just as good, if not better than the AU I had used (Which was great IMO, though not quite Macbook Pro level)
      • I haven't tried overclocking the panel yet
    • Battery: 74WHr (Degraded to about ~64WHr now) -> 60Whr
      • Plan to upgrade it a 90WHr one later on, though I would lose the HDD bay in the process, so gonna have to wait on upgrading my 1TB SSD to either 2 or 4TB
      • ~7 hours of battery life for general tasks on openSUSE when the dGPU isn't turned on, Windows doesn't come as close
    • Trackpad and keyboard are an upgrade, as are the speakers, internal DAC, cooling, and hinge. The build quality has a massive edge over the last laptop in just about every aspect.
      • As this feels more tankier than the last laptop, I expect it to be able to fall of a table from waist height that a cat psuhed off, last one survived that just fine.
      • Also like ~5mm thinner too without any sacrifices over the last laptop minus the battery (Still can configure to a 90WHr so not really an issue imo)
    • Bios has soooo many more options, though one oddity is that virtualization is enabled out of the box, though that's something I use so I'm not complaining.
      • Other niceties is out right disabling the camera and SGX, like this is the most feature rich bios on any of my systems, though that's a limited number ?
    • Also running 100% linux even though it is an optimus laptop (Traditional don't play well with linux) as SUSE-Prime has matured and this laptop even though it is newer, works even better ootb, so got all my gaming there.
    • 1TB SSD + 2TB SSHD for all my (local) storage needs
    • No need to upgrade NIC as this came with an Intel 9560
      • Still waiting on WPA3 NICs!
    • Pricier for the performance, but definitely worth it for the build quality and other components imo
    • One thing I find amusing is that the blue Dell logo on the casing can look green depending on the lighting angle
    • Also yay rear I/O

    Now I fade back into obscurity once more

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  11. This is far from the world of Unix Porn, but I like my generic KDE desktop and GUI Several things first, before you go and say "Hey, that hardly looks light weight", well A) I'm far from worried about that and B) I have a crap ton of tabs open atm and a fresh boot is far lower. Also don't worry about me making a freakishly large swap partition, I did that for my amusement. Oh and GTK apps using a light theme, it's so I don't need to go fixing Firefox as it's a hayday when altering those settings and I have like one other GTK app that uses the theme at all. WM : KWin DE : KDE P