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  1. Because most people who need an OS can be pooled into one of a few categories: They need an all-rounder, where they'll pivot towards Windows or a user-friendly Linux distro They need something that does Apple shit very well, where they'll pivot towards... macOS They drive a Volvo S70 like a more dedicated tinker-arounder OS so they'll look into more customizable (and generally more complex) Linux distros
  2. Patrick: Opposite Day? Hey, I've heard of that!

    SpongeBob: You have?

    Patrick: No! What is it?

    1. ComputerBuilder


      opposite day be like

  3. The only RGB thing in my setup is my mouse. Its LED colors are set to olive green. If you couldn't tell, RGB lighting is annoying as hell to me.
  4. Huh? What the hell are you smoking? A sound card won't net you any notable performance upgrade. Sound processing's still being handled by the CPU (and tends to be handled by the CPU in most PC games) and having a sound card literally wouldn't change that. Your CPU is most likely giving its all, unless you have a way to OC your CPU... assuming you aren't anyways.
  5. Netflix fucking sucks. All heil hail the mighty VHS!
  6. Gave my PS2 a cleaning it deserved. Now I get to play the drying game.

  7. My notification feed feels so empty now that I can't get notifications from your posts...

    1. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      That might be for the better.

  8. It wouldn't be a bad idea to look into manually setting the voltages for your CPU... although it does seem that 5800Xs do run hot, apparently.
  9. If your motherboard doesn't require a CPU with integrated graphics to function, it would most likely function just fine. If it does, then you're stuck with going for an APU. Which is, to say, what CPU do you have right now?
  10. Indeed, that's a basic explanation of what tracking is. Although, not only is it useful to get a more stable picture, but concerning tapes with Hi-Fi audio (especially if the tape's not an SP-mode tape), it's very useful for reducing audible noise assuming all other factors are fine.