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  1. I don't really know why I let myself suffer here. No one really likes me anyways. 

    I oughta see about getting my account deleted.

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    2. WaggishOhio383


      Noooo don't leave. Who else would I turn to for infinite PS2 knowledge? Seriously though you're one of the few people on this forum whose posts I really enjoy reading, and it wouldn't be the same without you.


      I hope you're not being serious, but if you are I guess it's your choice in the end and I understand. Don't stay here if it's actually affecting you mentally.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      I actually appreciate your presence here lmao, and as said above it wouldn't be the same here without you. we enjoy the PS2 and larry the cucumber memes more than you think. 

    4. Prodigy_Smit


      Don't leave. Who will post random pics of wagons that I can comment on?

  2. Understandable, although I figured I'd mention it even and especially if playing UHD Blu-rays was a goal, too. For the love of god, PLEASE do not listen to that dude. Your APU will be just fine on its stock cooler. Even the big daddy OEM 4750G would be just fine on any rational cooler that can cool any old Ryzen 7.
  3. My laptop has a Ryzen 5 2500U and I've never gave 2160p60 VP9 content a second thought on it... well, at least if YouTube doesn't act temperamental with it. Which is, to say, it played just fine. Although, if you're going to be streaming from something like Netflix, it might be better to go down the Intel route just because it's less of a pain in the ass to actually watch 4K content on a newer Intel chip.
  4. tfw child porn is wholly fair to put on twitter but being right-wing means that you get censored B)
  5. Does an iPhone SE 2020 count? Because if it does, it's genuinely a good phone.
  6. Some bizarre statistics of my PS2 collection:

    • The oldest PS2 anything I own is a Japanese demo of Fantavision that was finalized on February 1st, 2000. @pinksnowbirdie is older than that demo by a couple of weeks.
    • The oldest PS2 game I own is... a Japanese copy of Fantavision, finalized on February 11th, 2000.
    • The newest PS2 anything I own is a Japanese copy of Burnout Dominator, which came out in Spring 2007 there.
    • The newest US PS2 game I own is a VeggieTales game, ironically enough.
    • The most expensive PS2 game I own, by far, is a US copy of Def Jam: Fight for NY. This throne used to be owned by my Replay Theater demo of Gran Turismo 3, which goes for around $40-50, but Def Jam: Fight for NY easily trumps this with sales figures regularly getting into the $100 mark for complete copies.
    • I only own three Greatest Hits games: two copies of Gran Turismo 3 and the logo-less version of the SpongeBob Movie game I've talked about before.
    • The game that's closest to me in terms of relative age is Midnight Club: Street Racing. Most of the game was finalized by the day I was born, with the executable itself being dated to September 21st, 2000 (in of itself, an oddity with most PS2 launch titles, as most of them were finished by earlier in the month).
    1. pinksnowbirdie


      mmm moo games lol

      That's funny Im mostly older than basically any PS2 game at least currently in your collection lol

    2. WaggishOhio383


      • Oldest PS2 game I own is ATV Offroad Fury released February 5th, 2001
      • Newest PS2 game I own is Sonic Unleashed released November 18th, 2008
      • I have 7 Greatest Hits games
      • The game that's closest to me in age is Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus, released September 23, 2002 (so now you know how old I am I guess)
      • None of the games I have sell for more than $15-20
    3. handymanshandle


      Eh, I was only off by a year in terms of your birth year... which might be a compliment?

  7. Buy the 980 Ti and flip the 1050 Ti. It'd be a decent step-up against that 1050 Ti anyways. For reference, 980 Tis seem to be hitting around the $170-200 mark while 1050 Tis sit around $120-150? Those mid-range GPUs of yesteryear are doing quite well on places like eBay, unusually.
  8. Intro by DMX When the intro of an album goes harder than most albums period, you know it's going to be an excellent album. That is, to say, It's Dark and Hell is Hot is an excellent album.
  9. Hmm, okay, if it doesn't change if you turn that feature off (again, not exactly sure if that's even a feature on Android Chrome), then it rules that out at least.
  10. Coming from someone who's gotten a few in my days, they're almost always complete fucking garbage.
  11. Indeed it is my birthday. This comes off of a demo for the PS2 game Ring of Red. although tbh Carton-kun is a more interesting game to come out on my birth date
  12. By any chance, does Chrome have an option to highlight text to search for it (or was it added recently) on Android? Edge was giving me similar issues on iOS and it was annoying as hell until I turned it off.
  13. I completely forgot about methods to dump GBA games, especially concerning the R4.
  14. But yeah, when it comes to legal disc dumps of 6th generation games, you have to rely on having the games and having a way to rip 'em. For the PlayStation 2, it's very easy: just throw the disc into your desktop and use your preferred ISO (or BIN, if CD) creator. For the GameCube, your best bet is to use a Wii. It will be slow, but it's the only rational way to rip games even today, unless you like to deal with Phantasy Star Online. For the Xbox, softmodding your Xbox allows you to rip games directly to the hard drive. You can also FTP its files to a computer, too. That or
  15. It's a relatively expensive game here in the US (think something like Def Jam: Fight for NY), but even still, copies are like $30-50 for the Xbox version and $40+ for the PS2 version.
  16. uhh... I think I need to consider getting more leggings now

    1. Letgomyleghoe


      they're comfy, old gf made me wear a pair as a joke, never realized how comfy they were.

    2. handymanshandle


      Deadass! I'm genuinely shocked as to how nice they are.

    3. pinksnowbirdie
  17. Today I learned that the RTX 2060 is a "budget low-end graphics card". I wonder what that makes my RX 580. Probably some piece of shit HD 5450-esque card.
  18. dunno if I'm allowed to brag about this but

    I got more warning points than you :^)

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    2. zeusthemoose


      Those are real points, just on the beta form (im assuming to make sure they worked/as a joke)

    3. like_ooh_ahh


      Makes me think why is it that I haven’t got one considering all of the sensational and controversial comments I’ve made in the past lol 😂 


      I think I’ve eluded them unless I’m already exonerated 

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      I had two at once, first time i was like "oh shit" then I realized bad internet bonks don't mean anything and live a fearless life on linus sex tips.