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  1. Been looking for a SSD to replace my current one (which I think is closing in on its end of life).
  2. Always intrigues me how companies can pack such a small product with such great specs... ...that and I need a computer for my home entertainment system.
  3. I'm always a sucker for mechnical keyboards.
  4. I like the camera features... The Smart Switch is cool too, but I don't see myself using that feature alot.
  5. Always been interested in getting one of these. Thanks Intel!
  6. Oh...that is odd. I ran a quick search in the forum before trying to post this and nothing came up. Oh well...good to know.
  7. While YouTube surfing, I happen to come across this video, which briefly explains how LinusTechTips came to be...by the man himself. Enjoy!
  8. Fun? Yes. However, like all MMO, its early and content is few and far between. Maybe don't get it anytime soon. Wait a couple of months. If Bungie is as dedicated as they say they are, there will be much more content to enjoy then.
  9. For that price range, I think it would be a 1TB drive. Maybe it is just my region, but 2.5in HDDs are generally quite expensive in regards to $/GB. On the other hand, I'm not sure getting a SSD is worth it either. The PS4 runs pretty quick already on a normal HDD. Replacing it with a SSD, I don't see it running significantly faster and you lose alot of storage space.
  10. So...isn't that a clue that the 3DS one is the weaker of the two versions?
  11. No thank you, Linus and co.! Without your videos, my PC builds would be a lot more difficult, past and present.
  12. Why not spend your spare time trying out some online programming courses? I like to think that those are more readily available than what one could find for computer engineering. This way, you could get a head start on programming, rather than wait until your college/university years. Linus has been pimping Lynda.com lately in his videos. That is a good resource to have.
  13. Brush aluminum casing for the notebook. Can't beat that...