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  1. On a scale of 1-10. How bad is it? It's a Dell S2721DGF. Manufacture date of December 2020. Curious if I should RMA.
  2. It was the windows setting, in that the headphones weren't configured for stereo. Also, I'm in Australia and I do own the series on Blu-Ray. It's just that I haven't had a Blu-Ray player in some time since my last one shit itself. Bought one on Friday for $115
  3. Audio track 1 is English and track 2 is Japanese. I have no problems with the Japanese audio. However, the English audio is only playing sound effects and background music but the dialogue is non existent. The thing is that the audio works fine when switching to my Logitech G930 headset. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you very much!! Well that's good to know. I can tell my OCD to piss off.
  5. Hello! I would like to preface the following by saying that I am still a newbie with PC hardware. I bought a full G2/P2 kit for my SuperNOVA G2 and upon using the included combs (and an extra pack of them) I thought I could get all the cables nice and even from one end all the way through to the other, as to not trigger my OCD when it comes to tidiness. The attached picture shows my issue and is present with every cable. This example is the single 8 pin to 6+2. One end of the cable is all nice and even as I place the comb, then running it through to the opposite end....triggered. L
  6. Figured it was the ram. Delete post.
  7. Awesome giveaway. Thanks WD. FB: https://www.facebook.com/aaron.klepachek/posts/4279000112749 Twitter: @AaronK90 https://twitter.com/AaronK90/status/340781120662691840