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  1. Don't get why people are trying to suggest OP builds that are 800 to over 1000 dollars for web development. Web Development =/= gaming machine. OP should go with @SupaKomputa's suggestion.
  2. I doubt its an engineering sample. As Jayztwocents has mentioned, Intel Engineering Samples are usually in small unmarked boxes that are even smaller than the retail packaging boxes. He made a video about it when he was comparing the quality difference between Intel's ES boxes vs AMD's.
  3. Lets use our crystal ball to figure out what random CPU you got in that box. Why not just test it rather than making a post about the scam you likely just bought into.
  4. I mean Zen+ to Zen2 was a signifcant increase in IPC which AMD claimed numerous times and turned out to be true. I could see it given how much of an improvement Zen2 was over Zen+.
  5. Nvidia launched the 2000 series with GDDR6 at speeds well below the factory spec. Then they released the "super" cards at higher frequencies. Something is telling me they will do the same with this gen. Got to find some way to sell more super cards.
  6. I'm waiting for Nvidia to release the 3080ti for $999, then release the 3090 a month later at $1200.
  7. Personally, I think its going the cost the same as the current gen. Nvidia had strong sales regardless of the large price bump from the 1000 series. They tested the waters with the 2000 series and won big.
  8. Insider trading is the purchase or selling of stocks before good/bad news is released to the public (aka investors). An example would be, Intel execs know that they are having the worst quarter in the company history, so they sell millions in stock before they release that information to the public when the market would have naturally reacted. This allows the execs to sell at a max price before the stock tanks. It also works in the opposite, if you know your company is going to have record profits, and you mass purchase stocks before that information is released, that is also considered i
  9. The only GPU currently that faces a bottleneck on PCIe 3.0 is a 2080ti and its by 2-3% when using 8x lanes.
  10. I had a Lenovo Y500 that had a similar mesh on the inside of the intakes. The laptop used to burn the hell out of my hand when I played BF3/BF4 on it. After About a year of my hand being burnt I cutout the mesh insert and dramatically reduced the temperature of that laptop.
  11. Use a utility called DDU. You can look it up on youtube for a fill video on how to use it properly.
  12. I would uninstall all the drivers and reinstall. Sounds like a bad driver.
  13. Your ram speed is 2400? Have you tried overclocking that to 3000 or 3200. Ryzen really likes to have its memory within the 3000-3400 mhz range.
  14. Get temperature of the RX 590 at load in Fortnite.
  15. What are the temps, good airflow in the case?
  16. Did you get video output from the GPU? The reasons the fans started and then stopped could be that the GPU is cold and has no reason to turn the fans on. If there is no load the GPU wouldn't heat up enough for the fan curve to kick in. You said power still remained to the GPU even after the fans turned off which sounds normal. Was the old Graphics card an AMD/ATI GPU?
  17. You will be fine. The 980 is a great card. It is aged just like your 3770K and you shoud not have to worry about bottlenecks.
  18. Do you already have the 9700K? It is not worth it to SLI mid grade cards. SLI as a whole has basically been dead for years. Instead of the 2 2070 supers go with a single 2080Ti.
  19. I would hold off until 3000 series. Like you I am in a similar boat with my 980ti and i7-5820k. If you wanted to do a nice improvement within the next month, AMD is releasing the R3 3300X which has been shown in benchmarks to beat the i7-7700k. That would be a significant performance bump over the 4790k you have and would be a pretty cheap upgrade. I believe the 3300X is a 120 USD CPU. If you want something even more powerful than go with a 3600X/3700X as @Mateyyy suggested. Then you could decide on the GPU upgrade when more info about next-gen GPU's come out later in the year.
  20. How is your memory usage. If that is a single 8gb stick then you could be running into memory issues. Also, check vram usage. GTX 770 only has 2gb of VRAM which could be the issue. Edit: I just noticed you are playing at 1440p. This is more than likely an issue with running out of VRAM which is overflowing to your system memory.
  21. Nice build. Only question why PSU was not added as it is an additional cost?
  22. Have you considered the 3700X? It runs a bit hotter than the 3600x but the additional 2c/4t over the 3600X should feel a bit more 'punchy' over your 2600x
  23. Whatever the reasons may be for the delay. I would rather have a completed product that is delayed than a rushed mess.