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  1. do you think it’s worth the hassle? because before this i was running a Fx-6300 and it was much slower
  2. Do you think a GTX 980 and a FX-8350 will work well together? I’m perfectly fine with running with those for awhile until i am able to afford my new Ryzen? I was gifted one by my grandparents roughly 2 months after i bought my RX580
  3. well investing 340 dollars into my computer really isn’t in my budget, and considering i don’t have a job right now it’s definitely not in my budget.
  4. then again, purchasing a new CPU, MOBO, and DDR4 ram will be well over 300 dollars. So should I return my CPU and start saving?
  5. the fx8350 is brand new, it’s been running for 1 hour at the max, and i put my cpu and gpu into a bottleneck calculator, and it said there was only a 0.15% bottleneck.
  6. Specs: GPU- Sapphire RX 580 4gb (new) CPU- FX-8350 (new) Mobo- MSI 990FXA Gaming Motherboard (2 years old) RAM- 2 Sticks 16gb Crucial Ballistx (at least 3 years old) HDD- 1 TB Wester Digital Blue (2 years old) SSD- 128gb Samsung EVO (new) PSU- Corsair CX750M (1 year old) I’ve been having issues for awhile now, with a massive bottleneck on my computer. I recently got a new GPU because my RX380 died on me. After i got the rx580, i was having issues with game speeds, and using a Bottleneck calculator, decided i needed a new CPU. Hense the FX-8350. B
  7. Yeah. I am buying an fx-8350 and since i have 16gbs of ram it should be fine.
  8. I figured out my issue and it’s a bottleneck in my CPU. The 580 is too powerful for my amd fx6300. there is a 15 percent decrease in performance and is probably a good explanation for my significantly increased CPU usage all around the board. (gaming, browsing the internet, emailing, multitasking etc.)
  9. it did not work. I had no increase in FPS prior to clearing my drivers.
  10. Okay. so last time i saw your comment i didn’t know i was supposed to do it more than once. So it didn’t work. I went back, and i just cleaned up everything twice in Safe mode, rebooted, then went into safe mode again, cleaned it on NVIDIA and AMD drivers (all without internet connection), and now i’m going to install my drivers. I’ll keep you updated, but If this doesn’t work what else can i do?
  11. is using express install okay after uninstalling? I had received a used GTX 980 for christmas was well which was temporarily in my computer before I bought the 580, so do i have to perform the DDU clean for both of them?
  12. Specs: AMD FX-6300 MSI 990FXA gaming 16 GB DDR3 Crucial Ballistix RAM 128gb Samsung SSD 1tb Western digital blue Sapphire rx 580 NITRO+ 4gb edition I have an idea what my problem is but I can not seem to fix it. Every single time I download my drivers (version 18.12.2) they don’t work. I have clean uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers twice, and reinstall them normally twice as well and nothing seems to work. I’m not sure if i should uninstall my drivers and reinstall them VIA th CD that came with my graphics card, or if I should just custom ins