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  1. Mister Thunder Down Under, you dah real MVP, thank you so much
  2. I guess I will stick with overclocking then. And the water cooling is for perfomance.
  3. I don't really see myself overclocking frequently. Perhaps once in a while, just to run games at ultra to see how they look. The All in One seems like a good idea, since i am a tech noob. Does the motherboard supports LAN, or only WiFi? And does it haves bluetooth? And which fans do I choose to put?
  4. I was just talking about the case being green. But somehow, this is cheaper than the other models, so I think I will stick with it! Any motherboard you think is budget safe and functional is okay. I really don't understand the terms AIO and that stuff. I got a little bit confused there, could you explain it again?
  5. And do people in airport security are used to seeing this? (I live in a 3rd world countyr so I don't know if they would freakout)
  6. Hi! I've found a gaming rig, that is compact and easy to carry, which is good since I travel alot. I know watercooling>air cooling most times, so I was wondering if it was okay to bring an h100i to a plane, and if several flights could affect its performance. Also, whenever I go to the states it is really cold, so if I happen to take the future rig there, would the cooling freeze?
  7. I would prefer going with the non water cooled rig right now. I am going to do further research about if its safe. I was wondering if the Win 10 Pro could be downgrade to Home. Plus, the case I wanted was that model, but green, do they have it in stock? And does it haves a window? You have really helped me a lot (You know, i think im going to go with water cooled)
  8. Wow. Thanks alot. I think a 250gb ssd would be better. I've seen a silicon hdd carrying case that is about 5 dollars, more or less, which I would totally buy. If i dropped from the i7 to the i5, would there be a bottle neck situation going on? And, I've been also a fan of liquid cooling. I've browsed the web looking if it was ok to travel with a liquid cooler, but i havent found a consistent answer. My worst fear would be someone from security cutting open the tubes and ruining my whole pc. Plus, do you think these parts would fit in a BitFenix or a Raijintek Metis? (just for aesthetics)
  9. Monitors aren't much of a deal, because there is always a television with hdmi, so i just need to plug it in an play. I've seen a friend doing that with a pc at a sleepover once.
  10. I really thought about it, but I havent found a model that is capable of customizing. Plus, here, a gaming laptop like the Msi apache costs more than the build I have planned.
  11. Hello Guys! This is my first post in LTT. I came here because I have a build in mind, but where I live, there is not much selection of pc parts. I want to use it for gaming, 3d modelling, medium photoshop use, high adobe premiere, low AE, and streaming movies. It doesnt have to be 4k gaming but I would like 1080 or 1440. Here is the build: Cpu: Intel i7 4790 Gpu: Msi 750ti 2gb RAM: Vengeance Corsair 2X4GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2X1TB SDD: Kingston 120Gb I left out somethings I wanted to talk about. I am constantly traveling internationally. Plus, if everything goes out well, I