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  1. So I can't quite remember why I did this but I have 1 other account (I think it's only 1 lol)... most likely created it because I had a lot of doubts while doing my new rig and I didn't want to sound annoying by creating a lot of threads... anyway is there any specific way to delete one account?
  2. So couple of years ago, using system ram as VRAM was a bad idea as it would cause slowdowns and stuttering. But on the other hand with more recent ram, there aren't any major slowdowns even if you use system RAM at least from what I've seen. I noticed this with the recently released rise of the tomb raider, a guy was using a 980ti to play at 4k with all settings cranked up and the vram usage was pretty much reaching 100% which required the system to use system ram instead (this was observable as at 4k he was using 10gb ram while at 1080p only 6gb was being used) and suprisingly no slowdowns we
  3. So the major reason why I don't to upgrade my SO is because I don't have much time set everything up again which includes installing all the programs, put all my files on the HDD and so on. So If I do this "windows 10" update will I lose anything at all? *I meant will I lose any file at all in the title
  4. So DX12 is starting to become "mainstream" so to say and I saw somewhere that just cause 3 already used some DX12 features so here's my doubt... If I don't have windows 10, won't I be able to use these features? For example deus ex comes out (confirmed to have dx12 features in it) but I have windows 8, so I won't be able to use any dx12 features at all?
  5. So I need a tv show to start watching, something that involves a lot of mystery and thinking... I'm a big fan of LOST and it's probably my favorite tv show so If there's something similiar to this I would deeply apreciate it. I do also like action or comedy shows so if you know any good ones, please mention them (please no shaky camera tv shows though) although my main focus atm are mystery ones
  6. Just checked and on the sensors tab it says the same value that afterburner shows... which is strange as the GPU is advertised as only having 1241mhz core clock which makes me worry I started playing around with overclocking and such a few days back, is it possible that the overclock for some reason stayed even though I reset all the clocks on afterburner?
  7. So for some reason when playing my core clock is saying 1367mhz while on GPU-Z says the boost clock is 1241mhz... so what should I trust? It's a G1 980ti
  8. So I've been playing around with overclocking and such and I'm wondering what's considered a big overclock when it comes core clock and memory clock? Btw some optional questions a bit apart from the main question: 1º What % should the power limit be when you're overclocking? 2º Am I safe overclocking with the setup I have (it's in the sig) EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm more focusing on GPU OC's
  9. game of the year awards... was more focusing towards that as I'm betting that these two will be fighting for that award in a few months
  10. Noow that fallout is out, who do you think will win?
  11. Curious as I'd like to try out a IPS monitor someday (been only using TN panels for... pretty much ever)
  12. I mean the 980ti seems to be a good GPU to overclock (depending if you have luck or not) but for some reason the Fury X which is the competition has a hard time overclocking... and I'm wondering why? Despite having an nvidia GPU atm I have used AMD gpu's in the past they always have some great price/perfomance GPU's and well looking that it's hard to overclock one of their best gpu's... a bit dissapointing although without oc the fury X is already a beast
  13. It was a galaxy s2... well based on the replys gonna try out the rice method but I really sense that the phone is gone for good