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  1. Okay thanks looks like I need to gather more data on my end!
  2. I am looking for the best case to build a dual gpu hardline cooled pc. I’m interested in the Lian Li ROG WGX v2, but it’s not out yet. So I am left looking at what’s currently available. What are some of the best cases for hardline dual gpu builds?
  3. Sexy card....any news on release date?
  4. That is exactly what I am asking....thanks! I wasn’t sure to how to phrase my question o_O
  5. So in other words the cpu/gpu power dependency would be greater on the pc pushing 4K to the 65 inch but the frames would be the same? As the frames on the 27 inch?
  6. Yeah it’s a real monitor was announced at ces...can be pre ordered on amazon now. https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/hp-omen-gaming-gear-at-ces-2019-includes-emperium-65-bfgd-monitor/
  7. Let’s say I have two 4K gsynch monitors one is 27” the other is 65” presuming both are being pushed by the same hardware (gpu/cpu) how much difference will there be if any in FPS per monitor? Any ideas?
  8. If it has G-sync I am all in.
  9. Nebula93

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  10. Sorry I dont know a thing about AMD....can you run two cards at once using AMD?
  11. I think I am going to get the Acer XR341CK but am wondering what card should I get with it? Below are the three options I am thinking about. Which would give me the best bang for the buck as well as get the most out of the monitor? R9 Fury X R9 Fury R9 380 x2 in CrossFireX My CPU is Skylake i5 My motherboard is MSI Z170 M7 My PSU is a Corsair AX750 Thanks for the feedback!