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    ibbadib got a reaction from Roll_Like_Rollo in Experiences with non-techies   
    Ladies and gentlemen I had the craziest non techie experience today!
    I always take the train and bus home from school. I listen to music on my headphones during the trip.
    After the train ride I switch to a bus, but it was a little late today, so there was a little waiting on the station.
    And I was standing next to a small pillar which holds a part of a shade that extends from a building on the station. And remember there is about 100 people on a small contry side station, so fairly crowded.
    Anyway, the bus arrived and we all got on. There was plenty of space so I sat at a two person seat alone, still listening to music.
    Then after a while, I feel someone is staring at me like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Cat_with_staring_eyes.jpg
    So I look to the right and this fairly old man (ca 65 y/o) is talking to me. So of course I remove my headphones and say hello.
    He then asks: "What are you doing?".
    I a little confused answered: "Listening to music?"
    "No you were not, you are sitting with some sort of recording apparatus, and working together with that other guy!" he said.
    I even more confused answered: "No I am just sitting here listening to music. You can try if you want".
    The man then said "No you're not. You're working with the other guy by the pillar".
    I had level over 9000 confuse, but I still answered him: "I don't know what you are talking about, I am just sitting here listening to music on my headphones."
    He then sat back down on his seat two rows back. But he was still determined to explain what I was doing...
    "You are recording something" he said again.
    "No I am not" I answered.
    Then som younger guy interfered and asked what the problem was.
    "I am just sitting here listening to music on my phone?" I answered and looked at him like this: http://blog.brokerfish.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/confusedq-e.jpg
    And he looked back like this: http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2011/08/19/will-smith-is-confused.jpg
    I then stood up, as I had to get of at the next stop.
    I told the man I now packed my headphones down, as I was doing it. I then named everything in my pack, laptop, books everything, and I told him what I used it all for (school).
    "You were working with someone!" he said again, now more calmed but still a tone of anger in his voice.
    "I have some coleauges I work well with. And some classmates I like working with. But That's about it." I said.
    He now said his ultimate derp: "You don't have to confess here in front of me!".
    "ookkaaay? Good day sir" I said and got of the bus.
    I now have a question for you guys: Was he insane or just a non techie?:-)
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    ibbadib reacted to ZetZet in Looking for dutch female gamers   
    strange way to pick up girls
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    ibbadib got a reaction from matrix07012 in Experiences with non-techies   
    HEY! playing video games isn't childish! ;-).
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    ibbadib reacted to Aytex in DBZ stencil   
    You misunderstood me, let me reword it
    I will vectorize it meaning i can resize it to any shape while keeping the quality the same 100%
    Then i can expoert it as a png,jpg or whatever you need it as
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    ibbadib reacted to StackUnderflow in Syncing MySQL between computers?   
    mysqldump -u root -ppassword databasename > databasename.sql
    Transfer the .sql file to ubuntu and
    mysql -u root -ppassword
    create database databasename;
    mysql -u root -ppassword databasename < databasename.sql
    For more, google mysqldump.
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    ibbadib reacted to JacksMacintosh in Tech Gifts for Non-techies Giveaway!   
    I think I'd like to get my family a NAS
    Maybe something like a Western Digital MyCloud EX2 (http://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Diskless-Network-Attached-Storage/dp/B00I2P53NY/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1449145623&sr=1-2&keywords=WD+My+Cloud+EX2 ) and 2 2TB WD Red drives to fill it with ( http://www.amazon.com/Red-Desktop-Hard-Disk-Drive/dp/B008JJLZ7G/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1449145708&sr=1-3&keywords=WD+Red ) (or a pair of the 1TB ones, if any of the prices have gone up)
    That way all I have to do is spend an hour on setup and showing them how to use it, and they'll be able to share their vacation photos and "cinematic masterpieces" (read: 6 minute video of the tree in our front yard) with ease, and I'll never again be woken up at three in the morning to the sound of "Jack!! I just finished this presentstion on the family computer but I need it on my laptop for class tomorrow!! Heeeelllpppp." And God knows that me setting up automatic backups on all the machines is going to save us all a lot of headaches.
    Awesome giveaway from some awesome people. Thanks, and happy holidays!
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    ibbadib reacted to 79wjd in Windows tablet for drawing.   
    no idea 
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    ibbadib reacted to Lazmarr in Windows tablet for drawing.   
    As far as I know all you need to have is an email adress with your school/University; hopefully it works for you
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    ibbadib reacted to Sharp_3yE in Windows tablet for drawing.   
    The best device for your case would be the Surface 3. Has a good pen (you can buy the surface 4 pen at a later date which is a better pen and works with surface 3 I believe) and is designed very well as well as runs on an Intel Atom processor that is plenty fast for most typical things.

    Here is another Option that is cheaper but I do not know of the Pen performance but these 2 in 1 devices do have a Pen/Stylus that can be purchased. I think you can purchase any stylus that the device can support. I do not know which technologies it supports
    Asus Transformer Book. http://www.asus.com/transformerbook/overview.html (this link is a quick overview of the transformer book series)

    It does have pen/stylus support. I think you can purchase any stylus that the device can support. I do not know which technologies it supports but also Asus does make a Pen/Stylus. It also has multiple variants. Some are cheap while others are more pricey.
    http://www.asus.com/2-in-1-PCs/Transformer-Book-series-Detachable-Products/ (this link is to see all the transformer book variations)
    The T100HA is the newest one that has the latest Atom processor from Intel and supports USB Type-C. It also comes in multiple colors and with Windows 10 installed.

    The T100 Chi is last years model (1 or 2 years old) that originally came with Windows 8.1. I do not know if they come with Windows 10 right now but you can always upgrade it for free anyway for now. Depending on which model you get it can be cheaper then the T100HA I believe.
    The T300 series are more expensive because they come with laptop grade hardware such as the Intel Core processors instead of the mobile processors. These will cost $500 and up (or around 3000 DKK and up). So I suggest the T100 series.
    The T100HA would give you the latest in tech at a more affordable price. The T100 chi variants would be cheaper and still good for the price.
    If you want something small there is the Asus Transformer Book T90. It's an 8.9 inch asus 2 in 1.
    There are also variants that have a HDD in the keyboard and you can have more storage when in laptop mode (tablet is in keyboard dock) but those will be more expensive.
    Please check on reviews and prices to decide which variation you would want. There are quite a few.
    What do you think @GoodBytes ?
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    ibbadib got a reaction from don_svetlio in Sapphire NITRO R9 390 Owners !   
    Yeah I know, I was just saying. Thanks though.
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    ibbadib reacted to don_svetlio in Sapphire NITRO R9 390 Owners !   
    XFX use SeaSonic as their OEM so the PSUs are solid. You're fine.
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    ibbadib got a reaction from don_svetlio in Sapphire NITRO R9 390 Owners !   
    I am running a Gigabyte 390X on a XFX 550W PSU
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    ibbadib reacted to EliasNM in Windows tablet for drawing.   
    He may be interested in running PS.
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    ibbadib got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in if Your Real World Problemsolving Skill could be Compared to a CPU performance , Which Processor would You be?   
    2500K I guess.
    Decent at multitaskin, Not the fastest all the time, but can be really fast when pushed!
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    ibbadib reacted to Nexxus in How Do You Get To Be A Moderator?   
    you are a long time upstanding member of the community and have let linus and luke have their way with your body for a week.
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    ibbadib reacted to vXhanz in New Profiles Everywhere?   
    I'm new to the forums, and found it after watching some of the LTT video's on YouTube. I'll research answers on Google or look for answers on here, and I'll ask questions on here even if they are stupid as I'm still learning myself.
    I thought the point of the forums was to talk with people who have similar interests as well as learning from the community as a whole. There are a whole bunch of people on here who are younger than I am and know more about computers than I do, which is why I joined in the first place. 
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    ibbadib reacted to Drixen in New LMG youtube channel idea!   
    With so much, and really.. we have no idea just how much WORK is actually involved in Linus's part.. he's a successful business man, he has kids, a wife, and a HUGE company to run. Daily vlogs are definitely, for current times, non-existent. You have to remember, Linus is light years ahead a lot of other YouTubers, he isn't just an average YouTuber.. he's legitimately, legit.
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    ibbadib got a reaction from dalekphalm in 10% tax on all items online in Australia from July 1, 2017   
    Uuuuhhmmm... Did you just call the Democrats communists? - WUT?
    I am not doubting the tax thing, and I do not know enough about USA (or national economics) to say what is best, but uhmm... The democrats are not communists, socialliberalists - maybe.
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    ibbadib reacted to Monkey Dust in Karl Marx' 10 planks to Communism - all implemented in the USA   
    And? Name a developed nation that doesn't implement these planks. It doesn't mean the Statue of Liberty is about to be replaced with a statue of Lenin, and you'll all start referring to each other as comrade.
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    ibbadib reacted to grayblizzard in Which GPU would you guys recommend for my system?   
    hope it really works out for you!!!!
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    ibbadib reacted to SirNumbers in Batman: Arkham Knight PC + DLC $19.99   
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    ibbadib reacted to Analog in Logitech MX Master Review (By Analog)   
    Hello to everyone reading this thread. This will not be a general review like the ones that are mostly posted around here, but rather will be focused on my personal reasons for getting the mouse as well as my experiences from living with it for a week and a half.
    Ever since I was forced to sell my G600s for some extra cash last summer, I was stuck with a G300 (non S version) as replacement. For all good qualities which G300 had it was just too small and too cheaply made for me have any kind of attachment to it and seek to replace it. Therefore, after only two months of usage I began to search for a new replacement. The only problem was that nothing was really to my liking. Everything that had either a bad sensor, accelerations issues, uncomfortable shape, bad color scheme (I am talking about you,you stupid blue G502) or it was made by Razer, haha.
    As a result I was stuck with my G300 for five more months in desperate waiting for the RAT PRO X, which at least seemed a bit more promising, especially after its debut at this years CES (2015). However, in the meanwhile the paint on my G300 was badly fading and making me mad. Things got even worse when I accidentally spilled some silver paint on it while I was repainting my rims (#justcarguythings). After that accident I decided to just go to the local electronics store and just get whatever I find least offensive and live with it.
    Having set my mind that was going to get some p.o.s. mouse I entered the store and something amazing happened - the MX Master was just standing there right in front of me. It was being showcased as a new arrival. It was love from first site! Without even considering the price-point or that it is wireless, something I dislike a lot, I grabbed a box. I just needed to have one!
    Since my Xperia Compact's camera just can't present the mouse in its full glory, the pictures shown below will be "borrowed" from the Internet.


    As you can probably see from the pictures, the mouse has a lot of resemblance with the old MX Revolution, which it is intended to replace. I never really liked the Revolution, it was a bit to skinny for my hand and never really felt right. The MX MAster, however, has the most perfect shape there is - fat, minimalist, ergonomic and features a thumb-wrest. What is there not to like? I can probably imagine a lot of people will be put off by the slight bronze accents around the outer shell of the mouse. I am too, it is just not my thing, I would much rather preferred it to be a silver lining. Nevertheless, this is a small trade-off for having such a beautiful mouse. 
    Tech Specs:
    Mouse (height x width x depth): 3.4 in (85.7 mm) x 5.0 in (126.0 mm) x 2.0 in (48.4 mm)
    Mouse Weight (including battery): 5.1 oz (145 g) Unifying receiver dimensions: (height x width x depth): 0.7 in (18.4 mm) x 0.6 in (14.4 mm) x 0.3 in (6.6 mm)
    Receiver weight: 0.07 oz (2 g)
    Sensor technology: Darkfield Laser sensor    - Nominal value : 1000 dpi    - Minimal and maximal value : 400 dpi to 1600 dpi (can be set in increments of 200 dpi)
    Battery life: up to 40 days on a single full charge* *Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions. Battery: rechargeable Li-Po (500 mAh) battery
    Number of buttons: 5
    Scroll wheel: Yes
    Gesture button: Yes
    Wireless operating distance: 32 ft (10 m)
    Wireless technology: Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology  
    The one thing that my not appeal to us enthusiast is probably the fact that is wireless. I personally, was also worried about that, but there is a cable included in the box, which makes the mouse wired. Nonetheless, the wireless implementation on this product is exceptional. There are two options of connecting it to your PC, besides using the provided cable - proprietary wireless transmitter and Bluetooth. In addition to that the battery is claimed to last up to 40 days of usage, but will get to that part in my experience part of the review, which is coming up next.
    Personal Experience:   As stated earlier I have had this mouse for just over a week and I love every aspect of it, besides one,yes we are starting with some negative aspects of the mouse. Both the forwards and backwards buttons on the left hand side of the mouse are very tiny and too much to the back, making them practically unusable. Because of that I was forced to remap my back command to the thumb button, which is implemented in the thumb wrest. The only problem with it is though that it is a bit mushy and does not offer satisfying feedback that it has been pressed.  Having discussed what I don't like, now lets move to the strong parts of the mouse.
    Firstly, the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is amazing! Unlike in previous Logitech mice, the fast scroll wheel is both adaptive and digitally controlled only by the push of a button on the top of the mouse. This is a great feature since you can easily scroll through long files and still have that precision when you actually need it.
    Left and right buttons are very good and have rapid response, without being too light, but that is kind of expected from Logitech. They know what they are doing.
    The mouse has also the option to be connected to three devices at  the  same time. One can decide which one to activate by pushing a button on the bottom of the mouse. This is a great option for people who want to control their workstation, gaming rig and laptop without needing three separate peripherals.  
    Wireless, yes we are finally coming to the most important feature of the mouse. I personally hate anything that wireless simply because such devices never work right and their batter dies too fast. Not the case with the MX Master, though. The battery lasts for an entire week of very heavy usage even on the initial half charge, which it came with. I had to charge it for the first time yesterday. The charge was complete in three hours. There is no delay or high latency, which is usually a key drawback of wireless, making it perfect for playing even shooters.   
    Conclusion:   The MX Master is a solid product, which however comes with a price premium. there are very few things not to like about the mouse besides the price - small forward and backward buttons and a bit mushy thumb button. Other than that the mouse is perfect in every regard, despite that it is designed to be wireless. 
    Feel free to click that like button if you enjoyed the review and post comments below to let me know what you guys think about the mouse and whether you are willing to spend that amount of cash to have one.  
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    ibbadib reacted to BlazingGunnerFTW in Experiences with non-techies   
    I said I want an SSD. My dad walks into the room, and then says: Why would you want an STD?
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    ibbadib reacted to JewishBacon in Experiences with non-techies   
    I once fixed a frozen screen on a brand new mp3 player. peeled off the sticker that had a demo of what the UI looked like and handed it back to them.
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    ibbadib reacted to minibois in Experiences with non-techies   
    My friend keeps saying "60 frames per minute"..
    I can't take it anymore  :(