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  1. So in two weeks, I'll be closing on a new house. All the paperwork's been signed, and I'm looking forward to becoming a homeowner after years of renting. I had it all planned out. Gonna run CAT-6A Ethernet indoors and outdoors. Full suite of Ubiquiti products, from UniFi Dream Machine Pro, UniFi APs, UniFi POE switches, UniFi Protect cameras, etc. etc. Then a couple days back, Ubiquiti comes out and announces EOL on some products, leaving a bunch of very angry users and vendors. That kinda shook my confidence in Ubiquiti, and in my planned setup. Perhaps it isn't s
  2. Welp, I learned a few new things about building computers today. 1) Don't be a hero. There's a reason why nobody has tried to build a computer, and manage cables like automotive harnesses. This experiment was an abject failure, and it created so much more bulk and frustration that made it almost impossible to manage cables properly. It's why real harnesses are built with individual wires cut-to-length. I had to replace all the power cables I screwed up trying to make harnesses (removed the shrink wrap), and had to clean up, so here's a before and after: 2) Hard li
  3. I have a Cooler Master Cosmos C700M, that I intend to paint with automotive tri-coat spray paint. My intended result is for the surface to end up like a car's surface. Do I first have to sand down the brushed aluminum surfaces till they're flat? How can I achieve best results?
  4. Too bad they don't make em anymore. Oh well, at least with a processor you can just delid and fill the insides with liquid metal.
  5. Probably clear, because I'd rather not risk problems. Fans will be RGB, but I have not decided which fan yet. There are a few fans that carry a linear RGB design, instead of circles. I'm still researching if demanding a linear RGB design will mean compromising performance. On the other hand, circles don't really fit all that well in the design I have in mind. I saw their website, and it's mighty tempting. The cheap price helps too, because I intend to paint the radiator's side panels (leaving the fins black). It'll be nice if they're cheap to replace if I screw it up.
  6. Absolutely it'll be hardline! I'm currently thinking of a way to evoke the Boxer Engine with my hardline routing. See where it'll take me. I'm kinda torn between just running blue coolant, or if I should try to color match the Cherry Blossom Pink/Red by mixing coolants. Not sure if the latter will result in problems. I'm currently partial towards EK rads really, though I'm perusing Alphacool's range as well. I'll check out Hardwarelabs. No harm in doing so. I forgot to mention...the hardline loop fittings will be gold!
  7. In my other build log, I called my wife's build "The Guinea Pig". A guinea pig for what you might ask? Well, here is a build I call "Technica", named after Subaru Technica International (STI), the motorsports and high performance division of Subaru (the car manufacturer, not the telescope). The parts list isn't finalized yet, since I estimate it'll take me months just to do the mods I have planned for the case. But think Ryzen 9, 2080 Ti, all watercooled, RGBed to the max, plus a good helping of automotive grade paint. This is my dream build. It's been
  8. Today I did more test fitting. Honestly, I should've done this at the start. With the Cablemod vertical GPU bracket, it pushes out the GPU some towards the front. Then couple that with my overambitious choice of an XR7 radiator. Corsair should've just called this radiator the Thiccboi. There's basically no room left to mount the reservoir: I don't know if it's "alright". There's basically 1-2mm clearance from the radiator, which means there's next to no room at all when it comes time to install the hard line water loop. I'm slightly
  9. I don't see why you couldn't sleeve them after. But with a harness style construction, multiple branches come together into a single bundle if they go the same way. So it might make it difficult to sleeve.
  10. I only had a few hours today to make some progress with this build. Initially I had wanted to plan the routing for all the wires in this computer, but it became too much to keep track of. So I decided to say, "fuck it", and just make up the routing as we went along. I put in the MB, top radiator, and a few fans: But what I'd like to focus on in today's log is a little experiment for cable management (see the USB 3.0 cable sticking out near the bottom?). Originally I had wanted to buy some nice custom length cables from Cablemod, until I found out how g
  11. For months now, I have been planning to build two high end rigs for me and the wife. The wife's system will be built first, because ladies first, and also because I've never done hard line water cooling before, so I need a guinea pig. Her rig will be high end for sure, but it'll just be a generic high end rig. It'll serve as the test bed for many things, including hard line bending/cutting, water block installation, Corsair's iCue, HydroX parts, X570, Ryzen 3rd Gen, and RTX games. We've got the furniture for a twin battlestation area last weekend. Today, the first
  12. Maybe I'm a dummy, but I'm getting: bash: ./file_walker: /bin/python3: bad interpreter: No such file or directory Am I doing something wrong here? Never mind. I got the script to execute, but it isn't exactly what I'm trying to achieve... It basically goes through the directory, and just dumps the files into a fixed directory. I need it to recreate the folder structure on the other end. There are 160+ folders in the gdrive, hence it'd be nice to not have to execute the script manually 160+ times. I need to make a script that will recreate th
  13. First, I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the Linux section, so mods, please move it as you deem appropriate. I'm a total newbie to writing Linux scripts. But I have a mega server I just built, so I'm in the mood to play a little and learn something new along the way. I want to write a script to clean up a particularly messy Google Drive directory that I have mounted in a Mint XFCE VM. It's the result of years of "I'll just put this here for now". They're structured something like this: gdrive: -lvl1fld1 --lvl2fld1sfl1 --lvl2fld1sfl2
  14. Follow up question... If I choose a CPU that is affected by the recent Zombieload, Meltdown, and Spectre vulnerabilities, how much of a damn should I give?
  15. That link says that it doesn't support the new 20xx series GPUs, or X370 and B350 ASUS boards. Doesn't say anything about Z390 or any AMD TR4 chipsets though... I'd certainly like to figure everything out before pulling the trigger in June, since I will be spending $9000 on 2 PCs.
  16. I googled around, and basically what I found was: MSI Mystic Light causes untold amounts of frustration in users (oddly enough no one actually bothers to document what exactly happened). ASUS AuraSync has zero support for peripherals besides some dubious ROG keyboards/mice. Corsair iCue doesn't work with anything that isn't from Corsair (no go for me since I am doing a custom water loop). Gigabyte/ASRock are barely contenders in the RGB scene. I guess what I'm asking is, what's the "least worst" option here? I'd like to minimize the amount of garbage on my PC a
  17. No, I've never had it. I've always been a Logitech guy. But the Glaive was chosen specifically due to compatibility with MSI Mystic Light. Logitech doesn't seem to give any choice besides Logitech Hub..., which is fucking terrible.
  18. PCP doesn't support custom water loop parts ATM... Nor does it support tools, etc. So I can't check compatibility for those.
  19. Okay, first, you need to decide how small is small when you say "smaller PC". Shoebox sized? Maybe slightly larger? If you're going for something as small as possible, then you're in ITX territory. What kind of cases do you like? Google some ITX case pics, and post them here so we at least have a baseline to recommend from. As for motherboards, ITX boards are aplenty, but are usually spendy for what you get. Also, you said you have a general idea of what you want for graphics cards. What kind of card?
  20. I'm going to build two new gaming PCs, one for myself, and another for my wife (along with another home server). They'll be my first hard-line water cooling build. I need a sanity check, because I'm spending around $9000 on this. 1. Budget & Location: Budget is $9000-$10,000. Location is Midwestern US. 2. Aim: Ostensibly, they're both for gaming. But really they're both going to be "flex" builds. So I want high end components, RGB the shit out of everything, water cool most things, put everything in high-end cases, etc. 3. Monitors: Both systems will have
  21. Bumpity bump for a slightly dumb question. I'm slightly revising my purchasing strategy (pulling the trigger in June). I'd like to take a look at used or refurbished components like CPUs and such. I heard about Natex.us, but they appear defunct based on everything just being out of stock, and their Reddit account's last post was almost a year ago. What are the current major stores similar to Natex.us? I mainly want to purchase a board+CPU combo, preferably of the Xeon E5 SR0K variety.
  22. So I work for one of the mainstream Japanese automakers. Basically, the Japanese name for my field is 設計, or "designer". But "designer" in English doesn't have the same meaning. People generally think fancy sketches of crazy cars when you say "designer". So I'd probably call it "design engineer". Basically, we take what the product planning guys say they want in next-gen ABC vehicle, and do our best to turn it into reality. We'll study the technical requirements, define specifications, determine where to place it in the vehicle, min/max parameters (weight, fuel economy,
  23. I know the heading said a 2U box for pfsense, but I forgot to remove that. The one Netgate Appliance specified in there is the SG-3100, one step above the basic box someone else had recommended. I saw that it had two M.2 slots for easy upgrading later, if for whatever reason I need to have 64GB of storage on a router. Decided eh, I could upgrade it later, or if I'm doing something that really justifies the extra horsepower, I can always just deal with pfsense virtualization at that point. I think I might stick to ESXi + Virtual FreeNAS with HBA at this moment. There seems to be a lot m
  24. Hrm, I was thinking of going 1 CPU for now, with a dual socket motherboard. Just leave one socket unpopulated, room for upgrades later. Does that work? Again, never played with dual socket stuff before, just like I've never played in the Xeon range. I changed the specs around, to use Xeon E5s instead of Silver Scalable. E5 was chosen because..., that seems to be what everybody on YouTube is using. Also decided that maybe it's worth it to keep the pfsense box separate, because I swear my wife and daughter are going to murder me if they can't access the Internet for hours a