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  1. Awesome, I'll be replacing my not-so-old 3570K if i ever win this, even though it's an insane overclocker.
  2. So happy to see how far you guys have gotten in the last couple of years. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. i love how it uses an IPS display even though it's a gaming notebook
  4. My favorite thing about the G3 is that it fixes all the things that were not-so-good about the G2, and i loved that phone
  5. I just love the metal build quality, it makes you feel like you're actually holding a premium phone that you paid 600 bucks for (or you won through a contest like this ).
  6. I did all 4 things but my facebook and twitter account use very different names than youtube. How can Linus possibly approve this?
  7. Hi Linus! Awesome you're doing another giveaway . I only use a 1TB Seagate Barracuda drive because SSD's where too expensive at the time and it made more sense for me to wait for them to drop in prices (as they have) and the WD Black was a bit more expensive than the Barracuda and because i had a limited budget, it was the more viable option. I'd love to have a 4TB drive for all my movies and footage as the limit to how much i can store on my drive is creeping up .
  8. Don't know how to link to a retweet but here's my account anyways https://twitter.com/RaygonX456 Retweeted tweet: https://twitter.com/LinusTech/status/339654562858278912
  9. Sweet giveaway, and finally worldwide =D T: https://twitter.com/RaygonX456/status/340766293479260160 FB: http://www.facebook.com/henk.janse.52/posts/317166741747542