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  1. I believe I am going to go with your idea by buying a refurbished laptop, however not the same laptop. I appreciate the help and the help from everyone else!
  2. i completely agree, however when that time comes ill just purchase another one. And yes I do prefer 8gb
  3. Thats a really good idea, only problem is I need the laptop soon and I would imagine it would take a while from Dell. i will definitely take it into consideration thanks!
  4. I'm not worried about power at all because it will never be put to an intense task.
  5. the laptops shape themselves look super out of date if that makes sense.
  6. I would prefer 8gb but to be honest, I wouldnt mind 4gb. Also I do have an extra hard drive but I don't trust if it still works, I would prefer around 250gb
  7. These look really good, I will keep these in mind thanks alot!
  8. I appreciate the laptops you shown me, however they are super boxy and look heavy. Do you have any newer recommendations?
  9. i absolutely hate Chromebooks, im sure there is a windows laptop out there
  10. I don't need it to be that compact, however do you have any recommendations for a laptop?
  11. Yes that was my original idea, i might do that aswell. Do you have any recommendations?
  12. thanks I didn't think of that, I will definitely take it into consideration
  13. Hello I need help planning a computer not meant for gaming, for now it will only be used for browsing, emailing etc. However later in the future I might host a website on it possibly. I would prefer cheap older parts so the cost is as low possible, however new parts that are available on Amazon with Prime (I need it as soon as possible). My budget is $300 however I don't think I would need to use that much since its not going to be used for gaming. The only requirement is that its small and compact. (like a MicroATX case) and I already have a spare hard drive to use. Thanks for the help!
  14. i just wonder if its light and thin as the pictures show