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  1. Yeah i figured that. Wasn't sure if there was anything i can do or if anyone knew what was actually going on as the voltages for the pins are reading expected ranges. Unfortunately it's a work PC and was here before i started so i couldn't choose the components.
  2. Yeah, kinda. Everything with the cx500 works except the 24pin atx cable.
  3. @mariushm thanks for the reply. I mentioned in my post that I have tested with a multimeter to make sure voltages were correct and everything looked fine. I also hadn't plugged any drives in as i only needed to get into BIOS.
  4. So i was rerouting cables in my work PC yesterday and when i plugged everything back in the pc would no longer post. No beep, nothing. Jumping the 24 pin and using another PSU works, as you can see a bit of the monitor in the picture. I have tested the CX500 cables with a multimeter and everything looks like it should be working fine. Values seems good. The -12v rail was at -11.8v but I dont know if this is a problem. I can't see any physical damage to the PSU unit or cables/pins. The 24pin socket/plug on the motherboard seems fine also as it boots with a
  5. "Broken" the amount of times i've been told something is broken and needs to be fixed when it reality the power cable has come loose or the thing isnt even turned on.....
  6. Hi I want to put my Base stations on the ceiling but don't want to drill them in right now. What is that super strong velcro Linus uses? Or any other good methods please
  7. yes, i think so. you need both dirvers though ofcourse
  8. Cheers, thank you. The vrms are the tiny black chips right? And the square grey ones are,,,,,mosfets? Vram I know are the big black square ones. Apparently it doesn't get too hot though
  9. hi, i need to know what heatsinks to get to cool the vrms as im gonna get g10's for my 980ti's. could someone edit the pic and show me what is what please. just wanna be certain.
  10. From their website. so, i think they know what theyre talking about. Compatible with reference design Nvidia GPUs The HG10 N980 fits GPUs based on the Nvidia GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and GTX Titan X. Not sure if yours is compatible? Check the compatibility list on the tech specs page.
  11. the corsair ones are only for reference design gpu's, which mine isnt