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    Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India
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    Programming, Gaming.
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    i7 4710HQ 2.5Ghz
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    8GB 1600MHz
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    Nvidia GTX 960M
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    512GB SSD
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    15 Inch IPS
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    Anne pro 2
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    Logitech G502
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    Arch Linux
  1. So they did in fact replaced my screen with an IPS panel and I pretty much can't do anything about it because their warranty says "If a part is not available then it'll be replaced with the next best part" Which in this case happens to be TN panel. I waited 10 months just to get a IPS version of this laptop and now with this TN panel I can not work for long hours because TN panel causes strain in eyes and also terrible viewing angles.. ;( Ambiguous warranty statements... ;(
  2. It becomes Monochromatic on turning the lid up and down. Also, In Windows Task Manager's process tab when some process takes lots of resources then that resources cell gets highlighted with yellow color. But on my PC now, The color isn't yellow it's like cream-ish. Like faded out Yellow.
  3. Hi, I want to know if there are any tests that I can perform to check if my laptop's display is IPS or TN. Reason: My laptop Lenovo Y50-70 1080p version came with an IPS display. 2 months ago It started to flickr and the screen would turn pink. So, I called Customer care and they sent an engineer to replace it yesterday, After 2 months! but anyway the engineer came and replaced my laptop's screen. Now, I get the feel that this display is not IPS because the viewing angles when rotating the laptop sideways are okay but the viewing angles when moving the lid
  4. So, This is the first Time I have heard of Feenix. Their keyboard looks really good and what makes it my favourite? Well, the Cherry MX keys and a full 140 keys layout which is awesome. Also mouse looks pretty good as well. I mean aesthetically it looks good and has good hardware specifications as well. So, basically my first impression is that this company creates good looking products along with good Specifications. Thumbs up! I would love to be in this Giveaway, please count me in!