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    i7 5930k 4.5ghz
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    x99 gaming 5
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    2800mhz DDR4 corsair vengence
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    sli 980ti SC+
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    1000watt evga
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    samsung 4k

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  1. im pretty sure G sync module are lock and cant be oc if its not advertise like the pg278-9q since they want control over it
  2. it doesnt oc, got one, its already max out
  3. its a 4k 60hz tv, im curious if people have this tv and can make a pc work @ 1080p 120hz like some can
  4. (2016) GTX 9XX SERIES DOESNT FULLY SUPPORT DX12 THEY ARE OBSOLETE (2018) DX12 is just trash and never took off ray tracing is not a requirement, its like in ffxv gamework turff effect, it tank 10fps for a bit better grass, not worth it
  5. nah , i want to resell it at some point, WC is hard to sell
  6. did anyone put liquid cooler on their titan x and want to sell the stock cooler ? i got the star war edition and i would like to keep the cooler in the case for show , didnt find anything on ebay
  7. I dont get it, just set your refresh rate in game for 120hz, whats the problem ? I have a 165hz monitor and id be full of shit saying I can tell diff between 120 and 165 fps in live action but I have g sync so there s that
  8. they have corrected the price, so I might have been the only one who bought it rlly cheap, I guess I'm very lucky
  9. seriously with the LED disabled, its like a normal black Titan, I cant see some1 saying : damn im gonna take a less powerfull gpu for the same price because of the look lol ill take the top one for 500$ less anydays
  10. So I just sold my gtx 1080ti for 1400$CAD (because mining) went on the Nvidia webstore, checking Titan Xp ; 1200$USD or 1575$CAD before tax and shipping went on the Titan Xp Star Wars edition; 1138$USD or 1138$CAD before tax and shipping basicly, the price doesnt ajust went you put it in CAD $ and you can purchase it like that, its gonna work so I made 25$ for upgrading for a Titan Xp inb4; haters volta gpu are coming and you dont get much performance with a titan
  11. ahhh ok ok , im not in front of my pc right now, it might be virtual surround 7.1 that still show when 8 channel is activated that i have to click too ? ill check at home from google it looks like that
  12. what confuse me is that when I put in 8 channel- headphone on the sound card, I still have the option of pro logic II , wich I dont know if I should enable so basicly selecting 8 channel- headphones or 2 channel with virtual surround would give the same result ? and I usualy dont active dolby since I dont like the reverb effect