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  1. I haven't had luck with the port forwarding with pia when running plex on a windows desktop. So I'm not surprised that running it through a container hasn't been any easier. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything about pia port forwarding when running through a docker container. I started a 30 day trial with kamatera I was able to spin up a single service and I set up a openvpn access server. I'm attempting now to just create a new openvpn client container and then I will attempt to configure NAT/firewall settings on the VPS when I have the basics figured out.
  2. Hopefully I'm in the right section of this forum. Sorry if my formatting is a bit off or I'm missing something completely obvious. I'm new to unraid and docker and I don't have an amazing understanding computer networking. THE BACKGROUND: I have an unraid build with plex running on it. I'm living in student housing that gives us a single ethernet port on the wall, that port isn't public and is behind a complex router. I don't have the ability to enable port forwarding, I'm currently double NAT-ing. I've contacted our internet provider but since it's handled through our landlor
  3. I got really excited about this for an actual server. I found this one and I jumped on it http://www.ebay.com/itm/151898352493, Not realizing it only holds 2.5" hard drives and it didn't include any trays. I'm going to see if I can gut the inside a little bit to make it accept 3.5" hard drives. wish me luck!