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  1. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to vanished in 10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER   
    The title is about Mac OS but the video is about Macs in general, talking about things like the trackpad, boot camp, etc.
    Worth changing?
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  3. Agree
  4. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to RejZoR in Why NOT to buy Radeon 5700 XT… Yet – Our Review   
    I like Anthony. I like how chill he always is
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    NuttyComic reacted to orbitalbuzzsaw in The Phone Apple Couldn't Make... - Vivo X21 Unboxing   
    Let's see - 
    OnePlus 5T - Same specs, better camera. decent speakers, headphone jack.
    LG V30 - Best headphone jack out there, same tech specs, although camera is middling
    Galaxy S8/8+/9/9+/Note 8/Arguably S7/7+/7 Edge - Better Screen/Body, better screen, better camera(s), same tech specs, mostly (except the S7), Samsung reliability, wireless charging
    iPhone X/8 - It's shit, but it outbenches just about everything.
    Pixel 2 - Same techspecs as the Rezar Phone, MUCH better camera, better battery life.
    Yeah, sure.
  7. Funny
    NuttyComic reacted to Murasaki in PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life!   
    dennis in one gif:

  8. Funny
    NuttyComic reacted to VVoltor in We're Hiring! Did Colton FINALLY Get Fired?...   
    They are probably looking for someone who has the mental capability to figure out if they meet the requirements mentioned in the video.
  9. Agree
    NuttyComic got a reaction from Tarun10 in LTX 2018 Announcement!   
    I'd love to go but unfortunately there's no way I can get there this year. Maybe next year.
    And I disagree with Linus on Aliens. Alien is the better film.
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    NuttyComic reacted to James in TESTED: Apple HomePod vs. Google Home Max - a PC Guy's Perspective   
    You can walk in the house and say "Hey google, play the latest video from Linus Tech Tips" and your TV will turn on and start playing it. What more could you ask for?!
  12. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to AshleyAshes in Computer that SELF-DESTRUCTS if it’s HACKED!   
    ITT: People are disappointed that no one is selling an IoT powered incendiary device for computers despite the obvious risks to property and human lives. >_>
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    NuttyComic reacted to AshleyAshes in Is 8GB of RAM Enough In 2018?   
    Ohhh okay.  Definitely satire.  No one could actually be that stupid.
    You had me, that was good.
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    NuttyComic reacted to General Winter in Can You Build Your OWN Mechanical Keyboard??   
    opinions based on "truth", spoken like a true redditor
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    NuttyComic reacted to bellabichon in ULTIMATE 100" Bedroom Gaming Battlestation!   
    Oh, come on. Origin's PC's are premium machines. Nobody is buying an Origin PC for the price.
  16. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to SC2Mitch in DIY RGB Chair   
    what a triple shitpost, if it's wasting your time why dont you just leave and not cry over what ltt does?
  17. Funny
    NuttyComic reacted to DildorTheDecent in Tech Showdown - Candy Battle Pt. 4   
    How dare LTT reach out and try to incorporate other "tech-tubers". You're absolutely right! Everybody should just stay to their own dedicated space on the internet and never ever ever collaborate. 
    Good job son.
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    NuttyComic reacted to CallumT in $1337 Gaming PC Challenge - Scrapyard Wars 6 Pt. 1   
    This is hilarious, my PC cost me exactly $1337. Seeing this made my day.

  19. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to AshleyAshes in IS NVIDIA RUINING YOUR PERFORMANCE?   
    This is perhaps another claim that should be investigated.  I'm sure that people will give lots of anecdotal stories but stuff like this is about doing the opposite, doing concrete testing to see if something is happening or if it's the subjective experience of the user.
    To me, the idea seems silly.  Files are used or they are not used.  The idea that unused files have an influence on used files and the performance of the data in those files is ridiculous but I'd be interested in seeing objective testing done on the concept.  It'd be easy enough replicate.  Install a driver, reboot, bench, install a newer driver, reboot, bench, and so on.  Stacking driver installations atop each other the whole way.  Then get a clean installation for both the oldest and newest driver versions used and compare the two sets of data.
  20. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to ProjectBox153 in RX Vega 56 & 64 are HERE! Are they HOT or NOT?   
    Please let this put a stop to the GTX 10xx or Vega threads!
  21. Like
    NuttyComic reacted to vanished in GAMING at 16K RESOLUTION?? - HOLY $H!T   
    and to get ahead of everyone, yes, 16K.  Not 32K, not 64K, not anything else.  Read this guide lol
  22. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to porina in *CLOSED* ASUS LTX 2017 ROG Strix Laptop Giveaway!   
    Wish that stuff was displayed more obviously and not buried in the small print.
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    NuttyComic reacted to JoostinOnline in The TINIEST Nvidia SLI Setup EVER?   
    Well I'm sorry you were so scarred by it.
  24. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to GabenJr in This iPad WILL Change EVERYTHING - Tech Walks Ep2   
    Whoa, what the heck, why has this been an Apple hate-fest from the get-go? I mean, I get it, PC guys hate Apple, but still, that's not the point of the video in the slightest. Chill and instead of looking at it from the perspective of whether or not you have a use for it, look at it from the perspective of where the industry is heading.
    Android tablets (and phones, let's be real here) have just been in a contest competing with each other for the highest numbers on a spec sheet regardless of how relevant they are. 3D touch has become a thing on Android now after Apple rolled that out, as has the rush to cram the most pixels into a display of a given size since Apple pushed the Retina Display.
    At this point, I'm calling that we'll be seeing a rush to 240Hz and beyond on the Android side just because they'll be trying to squeeze out every advantage they can from the super crowded ecosystem. Does that matter to most people? No. But >60Hz and adaptive refresh is something OEMs are going to look at and start implementing on their own hardware, which can only serve to improve the user experience across the whole category.
    That's the point of the video. Not "everybody should buy an ipad because of this feature" or "everybody should buy an ipad because lol android sucks". Not even "ipads are good". Just "this is a boring market segment that hasn't seen anything new in years and this is a major new feature whose significance few people seem to understand".
  25. Agree
    NuttyComic reacted to Hunter259 in This iPad WILL Change EVERYTHING - Tech Walks Ep2   
    Awwww. Someone didn't even want to watch the video hes so biased.