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  1. I'd love to go but unfortunately there's no way I can get there this year. Maybe next year. And I disagree with Linus on Aliens. Alien is the better film.
  2. Not an original idea like others have mentioned, but still a nice implementation. If it was a bit cheaper then I might consider grabbing one with a G703 to replace my ageing G9X.
  3. You're either missing a sarcasm tag or you're being an extreme pedant. Awesome video, I'd love to see more of this kind of thing more often on the channel.
  4. For most people their phone, assuming it's mid to high end, will be more than adequate. For family outings and that sort of thing, sharing or uploading the photos is one of the biggest priorities and that's far easier and convenient with a phone. Less things to carry too and saves lugging a DSLR around your neck. Agreed on the directions point though. If you live in a rural area with lots of roads, like here in the UK, then some of the satnav apps will send you round in circles. It's handy to know some landmarks around the area too, if not to give you a sense of direction.
  5. Okay that makes sense, I must have misunderstood Linus in the video. Not that it's something I'd buy personally, but thank you for the clarification.
  6. $25 isn't bad for the version in other colours, but unless game dev's start implementing the haptic feedback into games for these mice on masse, then I can imagine it becoming very annoying, very quickly. Never say never I guess, I believe Ubisoft incorporated some RGB keyboard features in some of their games, so maybe it could become a thing.
  7. It's a public forum last I checked, I can highlight what you said without needing to be directly conversing with you. Chill out, it wasn't even a hostile question. I just got a chuckle out of your nonsensical and silly rant.
  8. Cool story bro. Seriously, do people actually care about being first on something? On Topic; For $37 it's not terrible for a throw-away tablet (for the kids on holiday), though as others have said these days you can get a Fire Tablet for £50. So I do wonder where the market for this is outside of Asia. The magnetic speaker did make me chuckle. Handy "feature" if you forgot your earphones.
  9. Go into the options and rename the HDMI channel to PC, should fix most of the scaling issues and blurry text. After that you'll just be fighting pixel density.