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  1. Lets just say I've also had numerous issues in the last month or so with PIA. In my case I already have other VPNs as well as my own "homebrew" VPN so its been irritating but not a huge issue.
  2. You could just upgrade to a 2060/2070 and then reuse your old GPU and or sell it.
  3. As far as I am aware the latest NVENC (nvidia) is far ahead of the AMD implementation in terms of quality at a given bitrate.
  4. A quadcore isnt going to be any better than just using NVENC on a second GPU, so my vote would be just add a GPU and use that to do the encoding.
  5. Sata SSD; Going from SATA -> m2 is barely noticeable (I use a SM951 in my rig) but going from HDD to SATA is huge.
  6. Its response time isnt terrible; but they do have pretty bad input lag - At a guess id put around 15-20ms input lag + about 10-15ms response time (I had them till they broke a few days ago). That said the colour is awesome and for aRPGs it makes the game look really beautiful.
  7. I checked; its using the same panel as the PG279Q with all its issues.
  8. I usually get through the day with around 5-10% battery life left on my iphone 7.
  9. Is that using the same panel that has horrible QC.
  10. Hiya guys, So one of my monitors bit the dust. I am now looking for a replacement. Budget of around £400 but could push this a lill if needed. Requirements 1. 27" 1440P/1600P 2. Good Colour Accuracy 3. Above 60 Hz 4. VESA Support >. Gsync would be a HUGE plus and something Id likely pay a little extra for. >. Slim ish bezels Was looking at the Dell U2717D but its a 60Hz panel :(. Anyone got any ideas - I want to try and avoid the horrible QC high refresh rate gaming panel thats about
  11. Would love the new Razer Blade. Being able to run any game on my laptop would be sweet. I don't play on my desktop anymore because I use it for work all the time.
  12. You can build your own solution for <$100 if you have some older hardware laying aorund. Going for a LP Xeon is overkill. Mine runs on a Pentium G3220 and its fine.
  13. 4K @ 27 inch is pointless. You will need UI scaling so get the 27".