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  1. Spot on, i had a bitcoin miner in my system, used few antimalware/virus software but to no avail so i had to use reset this pc option. Sneaky bastard was turning off when i opened task manager or any resource monitoring software. Thanks for this advice. Now my cpu is sitting nicely around 700mhz and 30c idle!.
  2. Hi all. I'm a happy owner of 5800x and trying to sort out my boost problem. The issue is the CPU is on constant 4.7ghz, 50-55c when idle. Now I'm not worried about temps as in gaming it never goes above 60c anyway. What is annoying is that the fans obviously ramp up during idle browsing, also I am wasting electricity. What I found thought is quite interesting. I opened task manager in hopes i will maybe find a process that's responsible for CPU boosting. As soon as I opened it the CPU went from 4.7ghz to 460mhz with 25c temps. Now as soon as I close
  3. Just built new rig today, 5800x idling at 50-55c. Started tinkering with everything, spent all day in bios and whatnot. All it took is to turn off Icue software for the temps to instantly drop to 30-35c. No idea where is the issue here but I tested it numerous times and Icue running is definitely the culprit. Also my CPU was boosting all the time, hence the high temps, all fine now.
  4. Anybody had their luck updating bios through usb without CPU,ram etc? I've done exactly what says in manual, renamed the file,flash drive on FAT 32. All I get is 3 white led flashes and nothing. Anybody had trouble with it? I'm really considering just returning it as I don't really have time to troubleshoot brand new mobo.
  5. I finally got my new power supply in and it's all good now. PSU was faulty, PSU tester wouldn't show any faults as it only checks the voltages under no real load.
  6. Bios shut downs as well, worth mentioning that once it shut downs it won't come up for like a minute or until I replug PSU power cord
  7. Can't really reinstall windows if it shuts down every now and than can I.....
  8. Temps are fine 30 odd c idle and while playing some oldish games
  9. Hi guys, today suddenly out of nowhere my pc decided to start hard shut downs. Now I'm selling this pc so I need to know which part is bad before I do. I7 6700k Be quiet 630w+bronze No Discreet GPU Asus z170 pro gaming mobo 2x8gb ddr4 Win 10 So whatever I do, be it browsing web or just sitting on desktop my pc will hard shut down randomly after 5 sometimes 10,30 minutes. Funnily enough plugging in ethernet cable seems to speed up the issue. I obviously suspect PSU, all pc is like 5-6 years old now. I have a multimeter, can I check th
  10. Oh wow this case looks great,price wise as well. I'll have a look thanks!
  11. Anybody here have this massive cooler top mounted? It's 63mm thick with fans on and for love of God I cannot find any info what case would support top mount of this chungus as I don't want to heat up my 3080 with front exhaust. Price of the case doesn't matter, preferably mid tower but if it have to be full ATX well so be it. Thanks
  12. A lot of people here and there reporting that plugging 2 separate 6+2/8pin connectors instead of daisy chaining solved the issue.
  13. Just pressing enter doesn't work I'm afraid. Man it sucks
  14. I decided to get rid of my bios password, there was no option to delete it so I when create new password window appeared I just hit enter and now it asks me for a password that I don't know. Can't even go to bios. Pc is Asus all in one zn220ic. Anybody knows if there is CMOS battery or pins to reset the damn thing? I want to make sure before I open it since the screws are under glued plastic strip that I will probably inevitably mess up if I attempt to take it off.
  15. Well I'll be here waiting for 7nm cards unless my 1080 won't be able to run 2k with minimum 60fps anymore which I really doubt gonna happen this year looking a games. New metro might be the only challenge here but I definitely won't buy £700+ gpu for one game. Plus I would have to buy stronger psu which adds extra so I rather wait one year get some extra cash and than go for the Ti version of whatever Nvidia spits out next year