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    rampage v extreame
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    16gb corsair lpx
  • GPU
    zotac 980ti amp x2
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    enthoo luxe
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    wd black 2tb and 128gb 850pro
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    ax 1200i
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    2 lg uc87's
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    corsair h100gtx
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    k70 rgb
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    mionix naos 7000
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    ath m50-x
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    win 10
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  1. Honestly I don't know if i should post here or in the cooling forum but my problem is pretty simple so hopefully you guys could help me out. long story short im building a new rig and happen to have an old aio lying around, I know these things aren't exactly meant to last or whatever but the thing is I haven't used it in about 2ish years now and presumably there's only water in it so i doubt there's any algae growth and it hasn't gotten hot enough to evaporate. So, I'm wondering if I can use it in the new rig or if I should replace it? New cpu: ryzen 5 5600x Old cooler:
  2. ok so this is gonna be a bit of a long one but ill try to shorten it as much as possible. for a long time my computer was working fine great even but then I accidentally installed a bad stick of ram and that killed it i obviously pulled the bad stick out but to no avail. After that i started troubleshooting the rest of the memory starting with pulling out all but one stick and cycling it through each dimm slot and then repeating the process for each known good module being sure to use the memok function on my motherboard on each configuration but still nothing worked/
  3. hi I do a lot of cad in my free time and I have a pretty good pc for that but my laptop is a really old macbook pro and cant cad at all so I was hoping for some recommendations?
  4. no I built this system a while ago so I probably tossed it
  5. does this mean I would have to purchase windows again and completely start over?
  6. I have everything important backed up to the the cloud so I dont really care if i lose any data on the drive. but the problem is I cant reset windows because I cant use the computer for more than 30 seconds at a time before it crashes
  7. I recently had a power outage in my area while my pc was running and although its on multiple surge protectors every time I use my computer it crashing a couple seconds after logging in so im pretty sure windows is corrupt and I cant do anything to fix the problem
  8. Hello I need a 3d printer for Christmas Here are some of my requirements: 1. affordable (my ABSOLUTE MAX BUDGET is $425 USD) 2. it must be able to ship to the US 3. prebuilt. I dont want to have to deal with the hassle of building it and putting it together 4. user friendly I want minimal problems it just works 5, my minimum print space is around 6 x 6 x 6 inches nothing smaller that will be all
  9. Thats actually a really nice board I had it before I upgraded to x99 But the features dunepilot said would be really nice
  10. h440 is s great case and pretty quiet to. the s340 is a budget case and the h440 is just a little more premium
  11. on a budget i would go for a fractal define s if not on a budget just get anything by caselabs
  12. https://pcpartpicker.com/parts/partlist/ any critique?