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  1. I think i will make spoilers with like 10 pics each next time i update, i just didnt have the energy during this whole ordeal
  2. Yes, i agree the water needs some color, not sure which direction i will take it yet though the scoring is done by scoring individual techniques (like wielding for example) and then adding the scores together, lastly dividing by the number of techniques. I had a total of 30 techniques in my design, where the only failing grade was my wield with a 2.5, mainly because the wield cracked while directing and it was pretty lost from there. Then there are silly rules like; machine worked parts like drilling, milling and such is an automatic 3.0 for reasons i dont understand,but it obvious
  3. Im terrible sorry about not updating in so long, my psyche needed a break after the examination! I passed with good margin and can now call myself a Journeyman! I am probably the first journeyman that keeps working on his test after already passed, but you do what you have to do! Down below i will post what happened right up to the examination, as well as what i've been doing since. In Project Forged [Beta] i used whatever parts i could afford/ had at my disposal: Motherboard:Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH [Sponsored!] CPU: Intel 6700k RAM:Kingston HyperX 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2666Mhz CL15 Fury
  4. It will probably weigh less then my current Fractal Design R3 actually. Its a lot lighter then most people think, although its not like you can juggle it. Unless you're pascha. Flush riveting is actually pretty simple compared to "round headed"-riveting. You can do it cold, thats the best part. If you use actual rivets, the steel is super malluable. I believe it contains a little bit of led for this to be achieved.
  5. Five days left until judgement day! Assembly is done, now I only have to direct it -.- Gigabyte amazingly agreed to send me a motherboard! Thats a huge wind in the sails, but more on components on a later day! I am super-tired, so here are a million pictures of what ive done since my last update!
  6. Only took me two hours to fix all my pictures. This is not a good day.
  7. I just got that message now I would use the built in system, but my pics are too large and there is a whole lot of them. Guess i have too find a new image host.
  8. Anyone have any idea of how I can fix my pics in my previous posts? I cant find anything wrong with the links
  9. I have FINALLY begun the painfully slow process of assembling, it took me a whole day to finish 6 rivets. Mostly because my nerves are currently carved from a very very thin glasswire. Rivets for the front done All pieces will be brushed... ..with this machine, to remove the worst of the scales and to bring a little bit of a shine to the party. The piece on the right is brushed. Preparation for gasswelding. A little messy, but
  10. THE END IS NIGH! As of this moment I have two and a half weeks before the examiners arrive, and only 4 rivets left in frabrication. I plan on using the remainder of this week experimenting and training on techniques i have yet to master, such as soldering and riveting in countersinked hole. Pin on the back radiator-mounting filed and finished. The square part of the pin locks the lower part of my PSU mount in place, when riveted. Imagine a man who can take photographs with focus at the right pla
  11. My plan in the beginning of this project was too get the case upright, to be able to testmount and compare pieces against each other. The problem withn this method is that progress i FEELS very fast in the beginning, only too slow down to almost stand-still when i get to the small stuff. Not optimal when my energy is running low. I had to reforge my "L":s. Again. I have also started working on my HDD-mount. I have butchered an old case just to get a rough idea of how off i am. Todays iro
  12. Tired as duck, but I prevail. It took med three hours this saturday to drill eight holes in my "L":s that hold the right side of the motherboard and the waterpump. 0.2 mm tolerance, gotta love it -.-' Some directing required.. a tenth of a millimeter at the anchorpoint makes a hell of a difference at the top. A particularly uneffective monday resulted in a finished "front L-bracket". Not a lot of forging left, its gonna be scary to start riveting it all
  13. I measured a hole wrong by 20 mm.. on a build with a 0.2mm tolerance.. not good. But I decided to keep the hole and make a flat rivet with my initials on it too cover it up. Should work! Filing of pins! To center the pin I file the corners until the facets meet, then I repeat the process until i have a somewhat square pin of 6mm. To make it perfectly round, Ifile the corners to make it an octagon, then i file the corners again and lastly I make it babybottomsmooth-round. The pins will be riveted from the back of the material which it passes through.
  14. I see, thank you for the information! I guess im just gonna keep going the way i do, 'big updates' is something that happens to people with a longer deadline then 10 weeks:P
  15. After checking out stefan1024's superawesome, superserious log i got a quick question: Should i update my log in my original post?