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  1. So I believe that one of my RAM sticks is Dead and possibly one or more of my sockets is dead Here is what ive tried. We are only taking ram here. 1-2-3-4 are my sockets will be from left to right a (* Ram stick 1) (^ ram stick 2) (1*)-2-3-4 No error 1-2-(3*)-4 ERROR (1*)-2-(3^)-4 ERROR (1^)-2-3-4 ERROR 1-(2*)-3-(4^) ERROR This leads me to believe that Slot 1 and ram stick 1 are fine. slot 3 appears messed up and so does stick 2. I think slots 1 and 2 are fine stick 1 is fine and stick 2 is error along with slots 3 and 4
  2. im running meme test right now and getting errors all over the place so oof, ill try that also
  3. https://pastebin.com/xRqnX7v7 https://pastebin.com/DygDERe4 So my game has been crashing randomly for the past 3 months at least on and off at any time it wants to it seems. Please add something to the conversation i have tried everything i cant think of and it seems only overwatch crashes. Gerneral specs r5 2600 4.02 ghz 980ti 16 gb 3200 (2x8) x370 gaming-f motherboard overwatch installed on 240gb ssd boot drive also. dxdiag and msinfo and attached DxDiag.txt ms.txt
  4. 1 2600 is cheaper and better 2 you can find better ram for the same price 3 why the hell do you have a crosshair hero motherboard!?!?!?
  5. oh lord get a better motherboard
  6. over watch actually needs 1 hell of a cpu and really fast ram... you are mistaken my friend
  7. So over the last few months I have been experiencing a lot of computer crashes while gaming. temps are fine for everything but today was playing overwatch and my fps was low, along with pubg. how should i test to see if it really is dying. BTW if the gpu is overclocked or if the power limit is increased at all the crashing happens more regularly the mouse on the desktop is stutter and overwatch was stuttering like hell
  8. one thing to note that my gpu is not even boosting to its rated speed, at this point i'm almost certain that my GpU or my power supply is the issue at this point
  9. My computer is blue screening time I play a video game the game crashes my computer locks up or it blue screens I've checked my Ram and all my drives my CPU overclock is stable so it must be my graphics card. I can't figure out why crashing I've tried using ddu to uninstall and reinstall NVIDIA drivers nothing has worked. I can't play a game without it crashing. I have a ryzen5 2600, and a GTX 980 TI.
  10. I build computers for people and have my own company. if you get a 1060 you wont need a gpu upgrade. you can upgrade your cpu platform next. it would be a waste of money to get the 1050ti then upgrade your cpu then your gpu also. spend the 20-30 bucks and save 250 in the long run