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  1. I've enjoyed all of my keyboards from Ducky that I have owned. They are built incredibly well and the lighting effects on the Shine III are awesome. Currently I am using Razer's Blackwidow Chroma because I couldn't find the Corsair one that I wanted anywhere. But I was actually pleasantly with Razer's "custom" switches that are in this keyboard because I generally find blues too loud for my liking (and my open headphones).
  2. Hello everyone. I am curious if anyone here has attended CES in Las Vegas in the past. I have wanted to go for years and I am serious about going this time in January. It will be my first time and I have a few people I work with who have also registered. Anyways, if you have gone, I am looking for some information, tips, advice or really anything you guys know about that I can benefit from. I know they have a ton of information on their website and I am trying to sift through it to figure it all out. I'm generally not very good at planning vacations so this may be tough for me. Thanks
  3. All they care about is if you have customer service experience. I've worked on the sales floor in a Best Buy and I currently work in the Geek Squad. I didn't even give them a resume when I applied. I just told them that I had worked in customer service for 3+ years and I got an interview. You can certainly say some basics like others have suggested earlier though. "I like technology and always stay up to date on it." Something along those lines is fine.
  4. I have had both on different Ducky keyboards and I very much prefer browns for typing because I find blues annoying.
  5. I found Linus Tech Tips when I read somewhere online about the channel being hacked (not the best way to find out but oh well) and I have been subscribed ever since. I was really excited to join the forum when I found out about it. I joined in the first few days that it went up. Unfortunately work and school has made me unable to provide much content to the forums like I wanted to but still happy to be part of the community and I am excited for 2 million subscribers! Keep up the great work.
  6. For Linus saying that he literally doesn't go on 4Chan, he sure does assume quite a lot about the content that is held there. Even laughing when someone said there isn't child porn. Not sure where people get the idea that 4Chan is some huge child porn image board. If you don't go there Linus, I wouldn't make assumptions about the content. I don't even like 4Chan myself, but child porn is not a widespread issue on there. Anything that is questionable is deleted very quickly.
  7. That would be the Netgear Nighthawk. And Asus' new RT-AC87U does 4x4 MU-MIMO so if you are pretty set on 4x4, I'd get that. I'd like to see someone bog that thing down.
  8. I sleeved my own with MDPC because it's pretty much the best stuff out there. Unless you mean, pre-sleeved.
  9. The amount of anti-Apple circlejerking in this thread is hilarious. I don't own an Apple product and never will, but if you actually work with them and understand technology you will know that they are all very high quality and their software runs with very little bugs or malfunctions. I understand their prices seem high but they don't make low-end products. I won't buy them because their interfaces generally offer less options for customization and support with certain devices due to their proprietary nature. I do think that Beats are generally bad quality products for the price, but
  10. The article said 45% are caught. Not 45% AREN'T caught. I hate to be that guy, but 100 - 45 = 55 not 65.
  11. Technically, yes. When it started I am pretty sure I was on old drivers because I often don't update drivers due to it requiring restarts. I feel like there has to be some sort of debugging program but I just don't know what will work and I don't want to go download a million just to test them.
  12. First, story time... Recently I started playing Diablo 3 again after the Reaper of Souls expansion came out. Playing Diablo, I have experienced a lot of artifacting/crashing from my display. I think I remember this happening when I used to play Diablo a long time ago but I am not sure. Basically what happens is that randomly the game picture will freeze, then all 3 monitors go black for a few seconds while the audio bugs out and loops. After that, the game comes back and I continue playing, generally not happening again until I restart the game. This almost always happens when I have Chrome o
  13. I just wanted to make a thread as a friendly reminder to people who disagree with bitcoins and are freaking out over the recent happenings with Mt.Gox and Silk Road 2. Sure, someone stole thousands of bitcoins from the Silk Road. Yeah, that is unfortunate. It is a rough stage that the currencies will go through until better methods are developed. I just want you guys criticizing the currencies to remember about how "unsafe" you think bitcoins are when you swipe your credit card at a store, or give your card to the waiter at a restaurant. In 2012, the worldwide cost of credit card fraud was
  14. Travis

    Audiophile Myths

    I find it absolutely hilarious how the first pages of this thread is everyone talking about how people who pride themselves on being audiophiles just try to brag about the things they have, how much money they have, etc. Then this chump comes in doing that exact thing. Thank you for backing up everyone's idea that you people are blinded by your own ignorance.
  15. The idea of behind burning in audio devices has nothing to do with belief. It's science. You may not be able to notice a difference a lot of the time, but the reason it's suggested is just logic. If you press down on a brand new spring it will be at it's toughest. If you stretch and compress it for a long period of time, it will loosen up a bit.