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  1. My board is an MSI gaming z97 gaming 3, where can I find chipset drivers, and if I have a compatible BIOS version?
  2. I just decided to upgrade my CPU from an i3-4170 to an i5-4690k ( I got a Z mobo, and cooler) Do I have to do anything with windows or my drivers? I understand this is a basic question but would really help.
  3. I have 400k frames from a video that are rendered and I need to turn them into a video @ 30fps. I used blender to remove the audio and connect 3 hours of footage, I have the Original file but I read its smarter to turn them into stills before turning them into a video because unexpected crashes could ruin the whole process. I need to turn them into 1 video but I'm not too sure how to go about it with 400k frames.... Doesn't have to be blender as long as its free. What I'm looking for is 1080p @ 30fps (29.93) and "No Audio", And MP4 would be nice as that was the original f
  4. Thanks guys! Everything should be fine! I'm going to help him with the drivers and etc and we'll be completely done and have another member to the master race! haha I did have to use an XMP profile to run the memory at the intended speed, and the CPU cooler was a pain in the ass Holy crap the wraith stealth cooler is a nightmare, actually took 1.5 hours to get right.
  5. so I've built 2 pc's so far and they both work fine so I know the basics on building PC's. I'm going to help my friend build his first PC this afternoon (he has all the parts) Now I'm not too sure if there is anything special to do with Ryzen, I've seen something about changing RAM settings in the BIOS, What should I need to know about before helping him build it this afternoon?
  6. In the past I thought it was just get the amount (GB) needed and opt for higher speed if you can afford it but other wise go with what you like. But with ryzen and all that I'm confused.
  7. Well I've heard in the past Moore's law is already kinda dead so maybe they are avoiding it. as in no one can keep up with the law
  8. I've been living under a rock or something cause all the normies are crazed about bitcoin atm. I thought bitcoin was kind of an old thing now, all the normie people are talking about it mining or investing recently even here in Japan, Whats going on, I thought bitcoin was practically old news and not practical??? sry if this is the wrong sub forum
  9. I live in Japan, Looking for some English speakers with mics to play games or just chat while playing games. Discord,TS,Skype, What ever. I'm 17/M almost 18. I speak English and Japanese. I got plenty of games on steam to go around, hit me up
  10. I'm 17 almost 18 so I haven't had the chance to experience that kind of stuff yet. One of my parents has some sort of "issue" and I'm not too sure what specific "issue" it is and it may run in the family so I'm really hoping its not that cause I do have other problems as well. although I wouldn't know what to do if I had that kind of problem and the fact it'll stick with me the rest of my life. I do have some issues like can't think of the right word to use, I'm also bi-lingual and I have trouble learning Kanji despite the fact I lived my whole life in Japan and I only u
  11. I speak the language. I just am terrible with social skills
  12. soo long story short a while back I hopped in a discord channel and a kid was talking about how a person can do "many" things with an IP like track a person down. And basically I said what I thought and that a person can only track you down if they do it by means of social engineering and he kept saying you could do things like but never mentioned what or how. so I called him retarded and ignorant, now that I look back on it I was a bit of an asshole and I realized that overall I have kinda bad social skills and also explains why I don't have many friends. So I'm looking