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    i3 2120
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    no idea
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    none :(
  • Case
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    2tb hdd
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    no idea
  • Display(s)
    hyundai 1680x1050
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    Default Acer
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    2 speakers
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    Windows 7
  1. anyway.. these ATH M50s are looking pretty good, what do you think about those MI headphones Im worried they wont sound as Im expecting which is "good"
  2. hmm looks pretty gooed, and yes did you hear the original its pretty nice too I love the sound of that remix its like it really sounds like something you could hear in 25 years
  3. Hello I have been thinking of getting headphones or earbuds for awhile since I have None And i just need to know before I buy one and dont like it so here I go well Im just gonna try and make this nice and comparable and accurate kind of like a microsoft excel with Parrallel points comparing roman architecture against older athens between why the persians attacked athens and how sparta rebuilt stuff better.. anyway Budget 100 to 200$ Dollars Mobile Slim/Portable for packing on long trips Folding would be an nice feature but I would sacrifice this for sound Als
  4. Well i figured out my monitor uses DVI after some misunderstanding.. so I can get a DVI and I should be free at last, what I don't get is why it was working for the first 5 days and now its not Check all my settings, reset restarted replugged check drivers + updates, Reinstalled Crimson software Radeon additonal settings say's none of my monitor's settings are supported ( because they aren't detected )
  5. Nope my computer shut down last night because of dead ram and now the same problem persists, only now None of this works
  6. After resetting to factory and rebooting it recognized my monitor and everythings fine
  7. Ahhh Maaaybe just maybe its my DVI to VGA adapter.. :l every other line of text is blurry scroll up and the others are blurry tell tale signs of PLANETSIDE it was damn planetside..all along
  8. Yeah lets just say lowering settings doesnt really help, My res looks more normal but its on 1280x1024 and still looks skewed I think Im gonna restart
  9. Hello awhile ago I posted 1080p 380 or 390. Worth 100? so I got the 380 and Seasonic X650 A week of testing them out and I am back from saving my planet after coming back to my pc while downloading 10gbs of planetside (8/10) I saw that my resolution was 1024x768 So First I check if windows or AMD needed any updates, then I restarted then I unplugged waited and powered back on my monitor, which by the way is a HYUNDAI K224w LCD 1680x1050 I looked online for drivers downloaded P224W_Driver then en_drv_monitor_kseries_k224w both of which I unblocked and windows didnt let me
  10. Thanks Guys! Im gonna get the 380 as the Seasonic is better and 390 is a "little overkill Value guys...Value B)
  11. TLDR:First world problems Hello i have been looking into getting a 390 for awhile now, I had my decision on a Sapphire R9 390 made however I got an opinion from my Bro that I should get the 380 instead and Save 100$ and I would love a second opinion I'm only 1680x1050 stock, And I'm cut for more reasons to get a 390 I don't know why but i seem to really want that 390 even though its 10-15 fps also there is a little more I need a new PSU so I found a Manufacturer refurbished Corsair GS600W for 50$ my brother said I should get the 380 and buy a Seasonic X-700W for 120$ So...
  12. i mean price to performance id say the fury and 980 TI are really next in line while 390x and 980 are kinda OC and only a couple more frames and im talking 1080p for the most part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfK0Yr1xTFo Note: im talking about stock all together no OC
  13. you mean better CPU? id think a 390 is good enough next step is like a 980 ti
  14. thanks so much I think im gonna get a 390 over 970, and probably sapphire because better cooling = longer life = probably most efficent? since i have a stock pc im just gonna upgrade 390 now then get either a 4790k or FX9590 cool how this was posted when i was gonna post the same thing, this happened to me twice lol