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  1. Tell your opinions on this profile pic I made Share from Pixlr
  2. You didn't give any specifications but here: https://www.overstock.com/7456166/product.html I don't know about the quality of the watch or the store selling this but it's men's skeleton watch. If money is no object then I would look something like Patek Philippe or Audemars Piquet. Not sure if they make skeleton watches though. I hope I was helpful.
  3. And I thought my questions were weird... (I don't know.)
  4. I've been thinking of buying a cruiser/penny board, whatever you call it. So the question is should I? I have never been skateboarding, I mean never. Is it hard to learn to skate? Also is it faster to go with a skateboard than to walk? Someone with a skateboarding experience please tell me what do you think?
  5. Hello. I thought that I would like to start learning Arabic and the usual question I have is what should I learn first? Modern Standard Arabic or a dialect (Egyptian)? I would like to read news, write and listen to speech and Egyptian music. I haven't thought to speak Arabic yet. Also is it possible to write Arabic with a dialect or do I have to use MSA to write arabic? I would like someone who speaks arabic or is learning to reply to my topic. Thank you.
  6. This looks like Airbus beluga. They made six of these (correct me if I'm wrong). It is used for transporting airplane parts.
  7. If it says authentic in the title, I would be very careful...
  8. Merc.

    Vinyl records...

    So I found myself be interested in vinyl records and listening to them. Not sure where did this come from... Is this weird? In today's world? I am seriously considering to start collecting vinyls and buying a "record playing machine". (As a hobby) Anyone else here obsessed with vinyl records here? Am I alone? And yes, I'm 17 years old if you're wondering.
  9. Is that software compatible with Ubuntu? And I'm not a specialist when it comes to cleaning laptops...
  10. I was playing TF2 with my slow, crap laptop which can barely run the game at 20fps and suddenly I started to smell that something is burning. The smell was like a mix of candles and dust and I got really scared and was almost sure that my laptop was burning. I shut the laptop off and looked at the bottom but no smoke or anything was there. I started googling (on my phone) how to deal with possible fire in my laptop. Then I went and asked my mom that can she smell something burning... and then she said: Yes I do. I just "shut down the candle" (I don't know how to say it. Get the fire off the ca
  11. I am 16, but mentally I am at least 30 years old.
  12. I updated my Galaxy S5 to Marshmallow and now there is a sd card indicator saying "for transferring photos and media". How do I get this off?