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  1. Cheers. Sounds like it'll fit with plenty to spare. Where did you find that?
  2. Alright then. Does that mean it won't be compatible with the cooler? Be Quiet! don't seem to have published the RAM clearance specifications.
  3. At the moment I have this memory: [picture] The total height (from the bottom of the contacts to the top of the heatspreader) is 33mm. I can't find the maximum ram height anywhere, and I don't know if memory clearance is measured from the base of the contact or the top of the slot. However, I am reasonably sure that it fits the "low profile" description.
  4. I am planning on buying myself a Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler for christmas, but I'm worried about the ram clearance. My current ram heatspreaders barely clear the PCB, but I don't know if that makes it low profile or not. Does low profile ram use a smaller PCB? Or is it just the heatspreader height?
  5. Well colour me surprised, my Q9400 isn't much newer and doesn't bottleneck my GTX 960, which is a completely different tier.
  6. I don't think the Q6600 was the bottleneck there at all.
  7. You have your chipsets confused. The 4790K uses the Z97/H97 chipsets, and the 6700K uses the Z170/H170 chipsets. There is no X179 chipset.
  8. In my opinion if data integrity matters to you all your drives should be in mirrored pair vdevs. Easier to upgrade, easier to maintain, faster and faster to resilver with much less strain than RAIDZ. I would go for 4 4tb drives in 2 mirrored vdevs, which are then combined in effectively a software RAID10.
  9. Its a throwback to when motherboard sound was either nonexistent or crap. It is an audio cable. You probably don't need it, I have a 9500gt in my NAS and don't have it plugged in.
  10. I have 6 2gb sticks and 2 1gb sticks of DDR2, so 2-2-1. Trying to diagnose which DIMM the memory errors were coming from.
  11. I have used 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8gb of ram in my current system. I am able to play all games with 4gb and above, and there is no bottleneck in the games I play above 6gb at 1080p on ultra settings (I don't have The Division/Hitman/FO4, so can't speak for those)
  12. So you can buy it in stores before preorderers get theirs? hmmm
  13. Do what I did - find old computers that companies/schools are getting rid of and use on of those. Capable of link aggregation, supports up to 8 drives, and has a 3ghz dual core with ram* *not actually sure how much ram - I have 12gb total DDR2 and its either half-half gaming rig and server or 8gb-4gb one way or the other.
  14. The whole point of MX Blues is that they click. MX Brown's don't click. According to Linus, they clack. Very different.
  15. I live in Australia, and the fastest internet I can get is iiNet VDSL2. However, the Huawei modem it comes with is rubbish - only wireless b/g/n, a 10/100 switch and practically nothing else. I have been looking for a replacement, but they all seem to either not support VDSL/2, or be ridiculously expensive. My main requirements are: Gigabit ethernet switch (All my computers mass storage is on a networked server, that currently caps at 100mbps because of the router) AC wifi (I believe this would improve steam in-home streaming to laptops? Both the laptops in the house support
  16. I have too much spare time - the coded message is 'Find the hidden directory.' Lets go! I assume it is on that website.
  17. I'm going to conclude that it's Nvidia because GamersNexus said he thought it was nvidia and also found some marketing materials. If they were for another company, then he wouldn't have said that.
  18. As minutellim said, for a large NAS the Fractal Design Node 804 is by far the best mATX case in that category. I have been looking at it myself for my nas.
  19. You have to convert the image to a .ico file. It is currently a PNG file, and you can convert it with free online tools. Also, you should link to the image url rather than just an imgur link, so http://i.imgur.com/Gu6vZrO.png rather than http://imgur.com/Gu6vZrO. This links to an actual image rather than another website.
  20. Do you really need the extra CPU performance now? Your buddy was definitely right to stop you buying a 9xxx series from AMD, but it seems likely that within 8 months AMD will have released something very competitive with what Intel is offering now.
  21. Well, SLI 970s will undoubtedly be faster, but on a 1080p monitor saving $350 will not noticeably affect performance here. If you are set on a dual card setup, then the Crossfire 380s will be more than fast enough, but a single GTX 970/R9390 will perform just as well on a 60hz monitor. EDIT: But at that budget I recommend a single 980ti.
  22. But if you already have one then it is often much cheaper.
  23. Partially, as well as the DIMM orientations, and the fact that the entire board looks mirrored.
  24. Power supply looks standard, but the motherboard definitely isn't.