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  1. I believed to have found the solution without sending my PC off to be troubleshooted. In the end it was the cause of wasted GPU power. Someone made a thread about the game crashing their PC and one said it had to do with the game running on 150+ or 3000 fps which caused the GPU to fail. I've been using RivaTuner Statistics Server ever since with FPS cap set to 70. If it fails then at least I got a £30 box to send it back in. Thanks for everything. Hopefully, I wont have to return back here.
  2. I got in touch with the company and so far I have done the following with their tech support: Checked Asus profile in BIOS to be stock I bought a display port to HDMI adapter as my screen setup was one going to GPU and other to Motherboard. I have since changed it to all to GPU only The rest have been collecting logs and information to pass. I'm still in the same situation. Hopefully, we can come to an agreement and I can send my PC back as this is a joke now.
  3. My PC crashed again I've gone ahead and turned off Intel RAID which I don't remember turning on. See what happens. I've got in touch with the company that built my PC and see what they say. I haven't anything for while from them
  4. I was hoping to avoid the PSU as that's the component that bothers me the most, which is why I've been looking for alternatives. Unfortenately, I do not have another PSU. After I came out of the BIOS to send you the picture of the configuration, I started Star Wars BattleFront 2 back up and once I got ingame (Shooting enemies) my PC instantly crashed. I didn't even connect the USB jack converter in yet. So what setting should I apply to that? I've provided another Event Viewer attachment. Crash6!.evtx
  5. Update An hour ago I have been playing Star Wars BattleFront 2 for an hour and haven't encountered one crash. I realized my USB jack converter was disconnected. I will try playing the game again, but this time with it connected.
  6. Hi Rascal, My PSU is a EVGA 600 W1, 80+ WHITE 600W, Power Supply 100-W1-0600-K3 (UK) and I am using two seperate PCI-E 8-PIN Cables for GPU if that's what you're asking? According to the pic I do not think so. I checked EZ Tune and its set to normal. I have no interest in OC. Pic inside internals:
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention. I went into the BIOS and set Fan Ch2 (Front case fan) to turbo mode.
  8. Hi, I have reason to believe my GPU is the cause of my crashes whenever I play a game. Back in October 25, 2020, I created a thread on the same topic, which you can see here: At the time I thought I found the solution which was to disconnect my 4th HDD. Sadly, it turns out it wasn't the fix as over time I notice it recurring whenever I played a game. At that point I decided to live with it as it wasn't so bad as I could get away with it at times. Unfortenately, this has returned and it happens each time I play Star Wars BattleFront 2. Forever reason when my PC crashes it tak
  9. No crash today. I wonder if disconnecting the extra fan connected to the power splitter was the cause.
  10. Sadly not as this is a prebuilt PC. I'll check if I still got warrenty. Ok, I still have 5 Year Warranty, 2 Years Collect and Return. I'd prefer have this resolved myself because I need it for work.
  11. No, my PC restarts after the crash and returns to login screen
  12. Hi, No matter what game I am playing may it be GTAV, RD2, or even HoTs the PC randomly crashes following up with restart back to the login screen. No BSOD or message to say what happened before hand. Each day I play a game it crashes and this has happened 7 times now. I've tried updating to the latest OS (Version 20H2), reset my PC with my 3 HDD's disconnected because they contain all my games and 3D modelling stuff, update my GPU to the recommended drivers, placed my power settings into balance mode, cleared any dust in the PSU filter and finally my BIOS settings are default. My P
  13. I've found the issue. I connected the two new fans to a splitter and they work fine without the front panel on, but if I put the front panel back on then only one fan works. It looks like the front panel wires or whatever is there are interferring with the top fan to work. Maybe some magnetic interference or what. For now I'm just running one fan seeing as I can't close the panel without the top one working. Or a wire is pushing against the fan hard enough to stop it? xd
  14. Okok, I'm very boba. I got the fan pins wrong here. The old fan is a 3pin and the new ones are too. So why are the newer 3 pins not working when I connect them directly to the motherboard that has a 4pin? The only difference is the old fan is different coloured cables whereas the new one are all black.
  15. I've taken my Arctic F12 Silent fan to some PC place and it works fine when tested into a 3-2pin. I don't get why it wont work with a 4pin on the motherboard or fan splitter when my old 4pin fan does work.