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    ripper101 reacted to jrhaberland in Low hashrate on RX 470   
    Yeah you won't get 20M/h, and yeah pheonix mine does support it.
    Look at this article to figure out how to do it: AMD Radeon RX 400/500 Series 4GB GPUs Can Still Mine Ethereum
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    ripper101 reacted to BobVonBob in What to set Infinity Fabric clock to?   
    The conclusion of the video was basically to just crank the fabric clock as high as it can suffer. You can do some minimal performance testing before/after to check if performance has changed after that.
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    ripper101 reacted to ARandomGui in Looking for an adaptive sync monitor   
    from what I know g-sync and g-sync compatible are almost identical in terms of performance but if u want to get a g-sync monitor it is a pretty good buy and the refurbisher is Acer certified so you should be good 
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    ripper101 got a reaction from LUUD18 in Why PUBG so successful?   
    Yes, because you haven't backed your argument up with anything 
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    ripper101 reacted to LUUD18 in Why PUBG so successful?   
    Yeah exactly you can't tell me any games which have the same gameplay.
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    ripper101 reacted to DnFx91 in Why PUBG so successful?   
    or, i just let you have your little chat about PUBG while i get back to work. This isnt going anywhere constructive lol
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    ripper101 reacted to DnFx91 in Why PUBG so successful?   
    its not really that popular guys, and its really not that complicated. It's just this year's DayZ, or Rust, or H1Z1. You kids keep buying these shit games so they keep making them
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    ripper101 reacted to LUUD18 in Why PUBG so successful?   
    It's so popular because it's a unique game. The only games that come close to this game are H1Z1 and the Arma 3 mod and they are both made by the same guy that made PUBG. 
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    ripper101 reacted to Damascus in Why PUBG so successful?   
    Not really, high skill ceiling 
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    ripper101 got a reaction from CinderNeo in Looking in to buying a Nintendo Switch but is it worth it?   
    Seems to be the only issue with it to me. But I guess if there's a lot of them sold game devs will be happy to sell to a big audience 
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    ripper101 got a reaction from The Sloth in Looking in to buying a Nintendo Switch but is it worth it?   
    They didn't have to develop much because most of the technology is ready there and they just implemented it differently. Imo a Switch should be 200-250 dollars, but that's just me 
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    ripper101 reacted to The Sloth in Looking in to buying a Nintendo Switch but is it worth it?   
    ok..... so no modification? 
    really good quality screen, you have owned one how would you know, thare are more than resolution to a screen. 
     wii u was more of a prototype switch 
    -257  to 260$ to make  https://www.vg247.com/2017/04/06/nintendo-switch-estimated-to-cost-257-to-manufacture/
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    ripper101 got a reaction from dexT in steam summer sale   
    I got shadow of mordor for 4 dollars and doom for 15... I'm happy
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    ripper101 reacted to magicammo in steam summer sale   
    ive been shopping with g2a for like 4 years and i have had no problems lol
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    ripper101 reacted to shadowbyte in [Steam] $4 Shadow of Mordor   
    now if only Steam would load...
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    ripper101 reacted to fenom in A240G Good choice?   
    Hope you don't mind me asking this here, but do you have any plans to make your aluminum parts available separately? I like the look of the A240G kit, but I'd really like the ability to add another radiator or potentially another GPU block.
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    ripper101 got a reaction from Mooshi in Why do you use the CPU that you do?   
    I had an i5 4440 for a while because I built a budget system with a 750ti. After upgrading to a gtx 1070 I noticed that in games like bf1 I wasn't able to hit 60fps max settings with a 4440/1070 at 1080p. I figured doing a somewhat small jump to a used i7 4790k would hold me off from upgrading for a year or so when I was ready to spend a lot of money for a really good CPU. I chose the 4790k because it was my cheapest option for what I wanted out of my system for gaming. I also didn't get an r5 1600 or 7700k because of all the controversy between which is better. So I figure in a year or so that with newly arrived competition from AMD, Intel will step up their game and in theory, both companies should put out some great CPUs and that's when I'll upgrade
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    ripper101 reacted to FloRolf in Is this the answer from AMD on the rumoured i9 lineup?   
    The war is on dudes!
    I hope intel releases their $2000 shit CPU first and then AMD gives them an upper cut with a fucking $999 16core.
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    ripper101 got a reaction from DocSwag in I7 worth it?   
    Okay thanks for help and suggestions, I ordered my first used computer part off of eBay... wish my luck 
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    ripper101 got a reaction from DocSwag in I7 worth it?   
    Still surprised people are trying to sell them for this much. Makes me sad that I could pay 50 dollars more for the "latest and greatest" 7700k but in reality I have to get RAM and a mobo too 
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    ripper101 reacted to Oshino Shinobu in This RAM good?   
    RAM is more or less all the same at this point. The majority of it comes from only a handful of factories. It's good. 
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    ripper101 reacted to rn8686 in R7 1700 vs i7 7700 for Siemens NX10 CAD   
    Not quite, i7 is still needed for 144hz at 1080p (Better IPC and clock speed, more important than multiple cores in games for now). 
  23. Informative
    ripper101 reacted to othertomperson in 7700k or 1700x   
    Your sentence says more than I think you meant it to. It's the entire point of CPU benchmarks to push the CPU as hard as possible. The fact that the 7700k when not GPU bound can sit at 100% utilisation is a good thing. It's not a good thing that essentially no game can make use of all of a 1700. Once again, if it turns out that the limitations of writing software with so many interdependence -- both on other threads and the user themselves -- mean that it is simply infeasible for games to max out 16 logical processor cores at a time then the situation for the 1700 will never improve. This "future potential" will never be realised. I think the assumption that every task can be made infinitely parallel and so justify more cores as an investment is an assumption based on a lack of understanding and wishful thinking. Especially when due to the specific Zen architecture itself, using more than 4 of these cores at a time comes with an order of magnitude increase in latency every time data needs to be transferred between them.
    I don't see the difference in your second paragraph. When you buy a 1700, 1700X, or 1800X you are paying either the same amount or much more for something that is worse on the promise that at some nondescript time in the future it will suddenly be better. With a 5960X you are buying something that doesn't so as well as a 4790k on the promise that sometime -- maybe a decade from now, maybe never at all -- it will benefit from having double the core count in mainstream games.
    I really don't see the value of Ryzen 7 for gamers. Ryzen 5 is another story because it's largely at price/performance parity with the cheaper i5s and games very much do make use of 4 cores and SMT, but when the 1700 and 7700k are basically the same price, for me it's a no-brainer which to go for. Unless you are going to use those extra cores right now, the i7 makes much more sense.
    There's logic to it, but it's flawed imo. The 1700 genuinely does have much more computational performance than the 7700k. The problem is that this comes from its core count, rather than per-core performance. For a game to be able to utilise this, games would have to be monumentally more parallel than they are currently, in ways that I'm struggling to see being possible from a software perspective. Games are so complex, and have so many calculations that are dependant on eachother, and then also depend on user input as well. The potential is theoretically there, but even if it is possible I can see it taking five years or more before we see Ryzen 7 actually gets full utilisation in most games.
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    ripper101 reacted to Rauer-Tech in Ethernet Splitter   
    Here is a basic Diagram I whipped up quickly to help you understand.

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    ripper101 got a reaction from Nup in Game I can sit back and relax   
    I said relaxing