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  1. No you won't change your mind. I know people like you, you won't. For whatever reason, and this is just based off old posts of yours, you take grave personal offense to when people spend money on things that aren't carrying the best price to performance. Whatever the cause for your insecure nature, it's there. You and your kind come into threads like this for the sole purpose of stirring up nonsense and hiding behind "opinions", you aren't happy otherwise. You've got insecurities with people spending money on things they don't need - welcome to real life. Don't take it so personally that peo
  2. Lol. Google and Apple have done this for years and have gotten more invasive as time has gone on. MS launches right at the same point Google and Apple are now with respect to how invasive they are, suddenly it's a problem. And Canada, you have no room to judge when your agencies have unlimited access to your citizens information and can track whatever they want. Pot. Kettle. Grow up everyone.
  3. You're saying everything I can't type out right now, full agreement. . It takes less power to just have multiple 4K streams running and cutting/pasting clips than it does to actively edit a 4K stream with effects, colour correction, and anything advanced. Plus, Apples demo highlighted how it can have multiple 4K streams going concurrently WITHOUT DROPPING FRAMES which is a huge thing on its own. 4K is just plain demanding for any hardware, so props where props are due. In for far as Force Touch, it's a little more than right click. It's not even long press. It's pressure based, which gives
  4. I think until the iPhones jump to 1440p (who knows, they might strike a deal with Samsung to et 1440p OLED displays for the 7, we can hope at any rate) that 2GB for how iOS runs, might be enough for a few years. 1GB hit its limit last year with the 6+, so its tough to say how much life they can get out of 2GB especially if we get another resolution bump.
  5. Id go with Spigen Slim. Spigen in general is god-tier for their case quality and support.
  6. https://twitter.com/hamzasood/status/643092816315445248/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Honestly? Just get the Apple Leather cases. Not overpriced, worth every penny. The one from my 5S STILL is together and I suspect that my current midnight blue one will last for at least a few more years. They're just awesome, and they age wonderfully (especially if you get the brown ones, my god those get nice aging)
  7. Most will be fine, as their tolerances are amusingly bad for case specs. Leather cases, TPU - whatever. You're okay. The thin ones? I'd hold off till someone tests. I have a Air Skin from Spigen so that's not going to work on the new one. Battery cases might also be problematic. Anything hard really. Also, for all the spec warriors who absolutely need specs on everything - iPhones both have 2GB and iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM. Enjoy. I know I can now sleep soundly at night.
  8. Xcode confirmed it today, the iPhones now both have 2GB and the Pro has 4GB. Apple was killing it with only 1GB in the phones, curious to see how they and developers can play with double that. The Pro needs 4GB. If they're gonna push creativity on any level then 4 is borderline for AutoCAD or photoshop or illustrator work of any level. Nice to see they didn't skimp and only give it 2 or 3
  9. Because people like old things. Like those crazy people who actually like carb engines or ancient 3 on a tree gearboxes. Those people. WE don't associate with those people. SSDs getting cheaper is only a good thing. Flash tech will only get cheaper. Flash tech has the benefit of, unlike spinning platters, in that there is no 'ceiling' on the performance in development terms. Every year you get newer tech that gives you faster speeds and better yields. That'll keep on happening for YEARS IMHO. Thats why SSDs aren't tanking in a manner we like. Simply too new and too developed on a yea
  10. IIRC a sensor will just use a specific sensor region OR supersample the information. TBH this isn't something I've ever considered but I think Ill go give it a read. I would assume that if a sensor was large enough (higher MP count especially) that it could leverage supersampling in some manner, though the performance cost might be astronomical. Maybe its really just the performance angle. Smaller sensors typically only have enough lines for the video resolution in question and nothing more, better performance as you have less heat generation and less noise as a result. DSLRs and the
  11. I expected this level of idiocy from Reddit, why minimized my time there and looked elsewhere. The hive minded circlejerk on the technology, android, Apple AND Pcgaming subredditS is cringe worthy. But you guys? Jesus. The amount of personal anger some of you have towards Apple, and your blatant Trolling in this thread as a result, is a little worrying. Seriously, this much hate over something that doesn't affect you, won't be bought by you and will largely have zero bearing on your future.
  12. Sea salt and chlorine will nuke rubber seals, hence why Sony so very clearly states that their new phones with the flapless USB covers can only handle mild soakings, not full on dunking. I guess you could go for a dunk in fresh water, if you wanted to.
  13. Welcome to real life where ideals like that don't work and get you nowhere in the corporate game. Like I already said, they aren't going to pay what it costs to run their own venture. Yea, companies have put a price on human life and decency. Don't tell me you just realized that?
  14. Nintendo is like your 80 year old grandfather who doesn't quite understand any technology or the internet in general. Its sad that the executive branch of Nintendo is so out of touch with todays marketplace. Then again,its how Japanese companies do businesses. They don't like having individual branches have their own power. Everything needs to be centralized (ask Sony and specifically Sony North America how that works - it doesn't). They can't adapt to change because socially they are incapable of it. You literally need the last few generations to die off and be replaced with kids rai