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  1. That is actually really helpful. So perhaps a second pc with a capture card, with a bigger HDD like you mention with 16tb and windows share will do the best for me? Running a game server in windows is not a big deal to set up and rendering will be a matter of transferring the file from one pc to the other, actually with the capture card I might not even need that. Home automation I've read that can run on Windows too, but no idea of something like IFTTT to run in win. Does this sound bad?
  2. I think the one on the old one is Seagate 1Tb and I have a WD 2TB 5200rpm Issue is that 16 or 18tb are usually low speed or really expensive, I actually have an Octane card but never figured how to use it properly, and sits here in the desk since it causes so much trouble and is discontinued, so perhaps I will sell it. The things that you mention are good, but depends on the cost and isn't the freeNAS with same capabilities? Edit. Should I save to buy a Synology, or just try to build my own with my parts? I lack the drives anyway.
  3. Do they need to be same hdd? or that is just ideal conditions? I was really thinking of going FreeNAS since I think it supports all my purposes (?) but does the ZFS work in a similar way as RAID? Only me, for now. But I might want to access it from different locations, and I reached almost my max that I can in my pc, anything more will be overflow that's why starting the NAS sooner than when it's way too complicated. Videos of color correction, ending in YT mostly. UNRAID? I've heard is subscription and certain actions will not be suitable. Btw I do
  4. Well as the name says I am planning to build a NAS, I have some idea but never dealt with one. PURPOSE -Storage Unit -Media Encoder Encoding/Rendering Pass through/Record Capture NAS? -Game Server -Home automation 1 - I heard of someone that, when you need more than 4 HDD you should get a NAS, well I'm running 3HDD+2SSD+1NVME and well sata ports are not an issue since I have an old x99 around (with 12 sata) that I plan to use as NAS but, the case itself or psu won't have even half the cables for them. 2 - Well here
  5. Is it great (the IPS)? im really thinking of the 8Q since its almost equal just TN well about the black screen glow .. movies, works with black colours could just be annoying speaking of lightboost I've read its about motion blur related to the screen not related with the gpu Im thinking too of the rog but I want to hear more comments not just supporting a 800-900 bucks screen
  6. OKAY forgot that too .. but I can hold mostly everything at this point
  7. Sorry it posted before I could finish, 3 times enter I updated now with price and resolution too
  8. Hello, well Im in a quest of serching a new monitor for myself and I've really got in some deep questions that would carry me for a quite some time. I know around here we have some humongous experts, so I decided that would be a inteligent move to ask here a few questions and make my decision way less painful. Thank you So.. here are some of the spects I think I'll be happy to find. I found myself to love some of the actual modes of Asus monitors since it makes the switch to games/movies/night/read way too easy, to mention that would be cool to manage them to change th
  9. I aim for one licence, maybe I get myself a christmas present with that Glad I took few minutes before going to sleep and watched the video. Greetings
  10. Where to find that bottle. please it would be appreciated
  11. bumped .. I want an answer D:
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl3sfamTPsg at start of it for those who dont know what Im even talking about
  13. any #event_material_seller ?
  14. Hello!, I actually not sure what to fill this post with, but the mainly question I would like to ask is 'which and where to find the asus bottle that he usually uses'. If im not wrong this bottle is a present directly from asus for those sponsored figures or to good customers/sellers that adquiry certain amount of sells of their products, so I'll guess its kind strange to find. Since its just a aluminum bottle I think it will be kind of easy but I can't really find a specific place where to buy it. Help will be really apreciated.