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  1. Not local channels, just CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX & The CW?
  2. I am wanting to know how it is the same & different? I asked on their forum a few days back, nothing yet. I like that it has timeshift & they focused on ease of use. I would like Mate, but no Mate version. Plus the software is mot that much in number in the Solus Software Centre.
  3. BTW, it would make a cool looking PC if you figured out how to fit stuff in & cool it good.
  4. https://hdplex.com/hdplex-nanoatx-power-supply.html These will do.
  5. Hmmm. ok, it would be cool to have my sys in 1, No way to fit a SFX psu in, wonder if any internal PSU form factor would fit? Or if I can get a sandwich MB tray, is there enough hieght for a GPU under the MB?
  6. PC inside an XBOX
  7. Howe hard it is to do, the one Linus did looks great?
  8. We are about to cut the cord, getting a Tablo & Discovery+. We have a lot of recordings we still want the ability to watch, how can we with out a Hopper?
  9. Seems good, I a fast in game & str is good, not great. I can not wait, game is awesome sofar.
  10. Johnson is a good last name.
  11. So what would you name 3 of your guys/gals on Kenshi? Me, Eileen Dover, Ben Dover & Aneda Mann.
  12. My dad had to reset it & he lost the app that was on it, the company emailed him a link that they said had the app, but it is gone from the list. Anyone know the name of the app to access a network drive?
  13. https://www.maketecheasier.com/12-things-you-must-do-when-running-a-solid-state-drive-in-windows-7/?fbclid=IwAR3iwJAEwO05ht8Oa1CQDvGwLuTZMxlKTUawhbv35DKn63f-H6A20nWc1EA I cn't find the services in 6, besides that all good.
  14. Got it at G2A how can I have it sent to email too?
  15. I just want windows in dark mode {all the windows} & MS are jerks for wanting $250+ for a key, any way to do what I want & not pay that?
  16. Good ones? Can handle 5 gig files with free price.
  17. It was my sys, my dad's sys formatted it ok.
  18. My dad spilled water on his laptop when it was formatting a drive, that didn't kill the drive did it?
  19. Anyway a google search I got, there is no built in way, a third party app is needed, really MS. Anyway I found https://github.com/randyrants/sharpkeys/releases that is a bit confusing. Any better way?