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    Intel i5 4670k
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    MSI G43M
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    8GB HyperX Grey 1600MHz
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    HIS R9 270x
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    EVGA 500B

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  1. Im not sure if you can change this if calibration is enabled. I will check when Im home
  2. Im on a goliathus. Everyones gotta lift off at some point
  3. Recently replaced my Naga 2014 with a Naga chroma Popped into an FPS and noticed when I lift my mouse, the cursor goes about 3 inches down and to the right and the opposite when the mouse is put back down. Never had this issue with the old mouse. I have disabled calibration and reset the mouse and this seems to have alleviated 90% of the issue but Im wondering if I should just ask for a replacement.
  4. Ive been running 2 monitors for a while now (one DVI one DP) and recently upgraded to a Acer Predator XB271HU (1440p Gsync 165hz) as my main display. I have noticed that on my second monitor, applications are now lagging heavily while I am gaming. (Youtube, Discord desktop app) and I was wondering why this is. Both monitors are running offa GTX 980 via Display Port
  5. Dont know why this is happening. Firefox, Edge, Opera are fine but images are dark and crazy saturated in chrome.
  6. I recently got a free IPS panel from work (1920x1200) and the viewing angles and colors on it are just so amazing compared to my TN 144hz BenQ 2411Z So I want to upgrade to an 1440p IPS 144hz Panel for gaming (preferably as low latency as possible) I dont have a budget per-se but Id like to keep it under 800. 800 being the absolute top end. Have a GTX980 Cheers!
  7. I have not tried this. Have been using OBS. If this primarily utilises the GPU then this may solve my issue. Thanks!
  8. Play at 120+FPS while streaming, have a 144hz Panel
  9. Currently in games which run at ultra at about 100+fps (overwatch, call of duty) are maxing out my 4670k at around 93-99% load. This means I cant stream as there is no available CPU bandwidth. I was wondering if upgrading to a 7700k will alleviate this or will all 8 threads still be maxed out as I'll be running even higher FPS?
  10. Trying 4.5Ghz on my 4670k at 1.25v but the reading on cpu-z sees it upto about 1.272 when under load? Is there a way to lock this?
  11. OC genie wont do anything for your chip as it is non-overclockable. Also funny that youre at 3.4 when 3.6 is the default boost clock for that chip.