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    DontUSASme got a reaction from Ben17 in Thank you for not being Reddit   
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from Asteure in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    I thought your PS3 was floating. Haha.
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from Samuelon in EVGA GTX 780 ACX vs 780 SC   
    Is there any really benefit in getting EVGA's SuperClocked version of their cards? I want to get the ACX GTX 780 for my new build, but is it even worth going for the SuperClocked vs non-SuperClocked?
    Here's both cards:
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    DontUSASme reacted to ttam in The easy option for a computer desk.   
    It appears that Ikea now ships items for a really decent price.
    One desk & legs would cost me only $15 and 2 sets would be $16!

    I often see people asking what desk they should get and one desk comes to my mind.
    I have been using the Ikea desks for years now and they work extremely well.
    So I figured I would give a little more thought to the topic and potentially others with it.

    The great thing about the Ikea desks is that they come in different shapes and colors.
    Right now I have one holding THREE(3) 27" Monitors.
    So they are a pretty decent size. 

    The Larger Table-Top; 35.99 USD / 26.52 Euro
    This is my preferred table top for desks. The great thing is it comes in a few colors.






    For the legs, you have multiple options.
    Non-Adjustable: 3.50 USD / 2.58 EUR to 10 USD / 7.37 EUR
    Adjustable: 15 USD / 11.05 EUR to 30 USD / 22.11 EUR
    Table: 45 USD / 33.16 EUR to 79.99 USD / 58.95 EUR
    Non-Adjustable Legs:

    Adjustable Legs:

    Tables (Alternative to legs)

    Being able to choose the looks of the desk help it make it yours.
    My personal desks feature the chrome adjustable legs (expensive)
    And one of the tables to help with some storage.
    The desks are extremely stable and strong. Great build quality as well.

    The joy of these desks is that they are extremely easy to assemble.
    The desks come with pre-drilled holes which makes it a breeze.
    All you have to do is take the screws & wrench that come with the legs,
    Line up the holes and screw it together in about 10 minutes.


    Obviously these are Ikea desks and can be found online or at Ikea.

    Table Tops Online:
    Legs & Table Alternatives Online:

    These are great desks that can range from 49.99 USD / 36.28 EUR
    For the low end of the desks.

    Stepping up to the better & adjustable legs the desks start at 95.99 USD / 70.75 EUR
    This offers you a little bit more customization for the desk.
    They do offers pre-built desks and many other desk top shapes for you to choose.
    These have been my go to desks for a while now and I have 3 myself.
    They now offer a Stainless Steel table top for 99 USD / 72 EUR
    I might have to pick this up myself for a cool new table.



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    DontUSASme got a reaction from Focux in GS4 or Optimus G2 or HTC One Red   
    Depends on your needs, as always.
    General Look - The LG G2 boasts the biggest battery and the biggest screen size of the three options. Construction is the same as GS4, being all plastic, respectively. The HTC One is a plastic/aluminum construction, much different of a feel to the other two plastic ones.


    HTC One:



    (Images from LatopMag.com)
    Display Technologies - The G2 uses a 5.2" 1080p IPS panel, which is great for off-axis reading/usability. The GS4 used a 1080p Super-AMOLED panel, which contributes to true blacks and much more saturated colors. The HTC One, most comparative to the LG G2, uses a Super LCD 3 display and boasts the most pixel-dense display at the cost of .3" on the diagonal (4.7").
    Processing Power - The G2 boasts the best SoC out of any of the three phones. Using the Snapdragon 800 SoC (System on a Chip) clocked at 2.3GHz, rather than the HTC One's and GS4's Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7GHz. The G2 also supports an Adreno 330 GPU rather than the Adreno 320 GPU found on the other two devices.
    In everyday performance, the 600 is just as snappy as the 800, but if you crave the absolute greatest in tech, the 800 is the king of the hill.
    Camera - The G2 all but takes the Camera showdown thanks to OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). True, the HTC One has this too, but it's lacking 4 megapixel camera leaves a lot of detail and just crispness of photos to be desired. Compared to the GS4, they both feature 13 megapixel cameras, but the lack of OIS on the GS4 makes it suffer in terms of stability in video shooting and low-light photography.
    G2 vs One vs GS4 in low light:

    G2 vs One (regular lighting):

    G2 vs GS4 (regular lighting):

    (Images from LaptopMag.com)
    UI - The G2 is accompanied by LG's Optimus UI which prefers form over function. Animations fly everywhere and changes just for the sake of changes. The G2 tries to act as a small phablet, with windowed view modes that can hover atop the screen, but without something such as Samsung's S-Pen you really can't make use of it. Optimus is really a big cluttered mess, but thankfully you can root and install CyanogenMod or install a new launcher if it becomes over-bearing.

    The S4 is a familiar face, with it's large and feature rich TouchWiz UI. TouchWiz isn't much to talk about, other than it takes up around 6GB of system storage to allocate to TouchWiz. Notable conveniences include Multi-Window support (two apps running at once) and floating windows - done way more professionally than the Optimus' UI equivalent.

    Finally, the Sense 5.X UI of the HTC One. In a couple of words, if you enjoy minimalism and a smooth experience with some notable enhancements such as BlinkFeed, you'll enoy the Sense UI of the HTC One. Sense is very different from the days of yesteryear, coming now with an easy to navigate and low resource intensive UI that can suit the "Average Joe" all the way to the "Tech Head" very well.

    Conclusion - So ultimately it does come down to your preference. If you prefer a device that's geared for productivity and getting you quickly back to the real word without many gimmicks or frills, the HTC One is hard to beat.
    If you are the multitasking kind of person, you may appreciate Samsung's Galaxy S4 for the enhancements to the TouchWiz UI such as Multi-Window mode more than the One or G2.
    Finally, if you are a photographer looking for the perfect shot of your food for Instagram, (or any other actual photography) the LG G2's camera reigns supreme among these three options.
    I hope this helps. Looks for PocketNow's reviews and coverage of these three devices to get a professional opinion on them.
    (Not affiliated with PocketNow)
    (All images in the Camera and Design categories courtesy of LaptopMag.com)
    (All other images pulled from Google)
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    DontUSASme reacted to Jamdude in GTX 780 Ti - where to buy   
    £550-600 seems like an alright price for them.  Think I'm going to wait and see how Mantle performs before I buy a new card though.
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from cjeffcoatjr in Which area of tech do you expertise the most in?   
    Probably motherboards. Some people (for whatever reason) think they need the most expensive MSI or RoG motherboard out there to do any good overclocking.
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    DontUSASme reacted to Saladin in Xbox one won't Play games on Day one.   
    To be fair, same is basically true with a computer, between the drivers, the windows updates and what not, you really need to have a internet access to fully realize your machine. Not that this isn't amusing. The PS4 also has a day one patch to enable much functionality, including the blueray player, FYI. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/10/25/ps4-system-software-update-1-50-details/
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    DontUSASme reacted to M-ursu in Intel Core i7-4770K work with Msi Z77A-G45   
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    DontUSASme reacted to Hyydrah in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    I don't think it should be a rule, but just a sign of respect; just as you shouldn't have to hold a door for someone, but if you want them to like you you should
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    DontUSASme reacted to Joshua in YouTube to MP3?   
    No, I agree, whatever you're doing is cool I was talking about RaVenBelgium.
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from RaVenBelgium in YouTube to MP3?   
    I just asked, it is from someone who doesn't have a copyright and has allowed me to.
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    DontUSASme reacted to Kiwiandapple in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    My second post on this thread for my recently built LAN PC! (first one's pg 64, #1274)

    I saw this build in the build log aswell! I am sooo tempted to buy that white mousepad. Even tough my Steelseries Heavy is still in awesome shape.. 
    Question tough: if i go to steelseries.com - i cant select the color off that mousepad? Did you buy it somewhere else or am I just being stupid? 
    http://steelseries.com/products/surfaces/steelseries-qck-mass it is the mass right? Special edition... please tell me it's still avaible! :x
    No problem! Just trying to help you out here so that many other Linus folks won't go batship crazy! You can just quote people and then delete the pictures in the post with the simple delete/backspace. And if you have any questions - then only let the picture stay up where they can see what you are talking about! 

    Have a nice day
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    DontUSASme reacted to EmoRarity in Favorite .gifs   
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    DontUSASme reacted to MegaDave91 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Since taking this picture, I currently have one top exhaust and moved the other to the bottom as an intake. I realized two top exhaust was a bit unnecessary. This way is also better for the airflow I wanted to achieve, as I now have 3 intake and 2 exhaust.
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    DontUSASme reacted to naca1227 in Most LTT fans are immature kids.   
    Again I can't stress this enough, it's a problem with that all these people think they know Linus and are his "friends". They become so overly attached it's sad. 
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    DontUSASme reacted to Chris is awesome in [WIP] Snef's Purple Chimera (**Completed**)   
    How the hell do you afford all of these computers?
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    DontUSASme reacted to _wky in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Loud noise from outside

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    DontUSASme reacted to That Norwegian Guy in ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboards Revealed, Hints Launch for Kaveri Coming Soon   
    Why are they even bothering with ATX form factor? I don't see why you would have a low end socket that puts the GPU on the die on anything but Mini-ITX or at least Micro-ATX. I certainly wouldn't buy an FM2+ system unless I could make it extremely compact. Making a big motherboard for an iGPU system defeats it's entire purpouse.
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from Simmytu in ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboards Revealed, Hints Launch for Kaveri Coming Soon   
    I'm sort of on Linus' side about HDMI shouldn't have been the HD standard, so I guess I'm biased :P 
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from EChondo in ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboards Revealed, Hints Launch for Kaveri Coming Soon   
    I'm sort of on Linus' side about HDMI shouldn't have been the HD standard, so I guess I'm biased :P 
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    DontUSASme got a reaction from EChondo in ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboards Revealed, Hints Launch for Kaveri Coming Soon   
    Kaveri is using Steamroller cores.

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    DontUSASme got a reaction from Beskamir in ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboards Revealed, Hints Launch for Kaveri Coming Soon   
    I don't either. VGA and HDMI are two connections that I just don't feel should be in a PC environment at this day and age.