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    I find troubleshooting a very interesting and rewarding skill. If you have an issue that you need resolving, please do not hesitate to ask.
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    IT Technical Support Specialist and Web Server Analyst


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    32 Gb G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4
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    GTX 1060-6GB
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    NZXT H440
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    Asus PA238QR, Acer GH237HL, Asus VG278
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    Corsair Strafe RGB
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    Logitech G502
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  1. Have you tested a different GPU in the problematic system? Have you made any recent hardware changes prior to these issues?
  2. Graphical Errors, or artefacting is from either driver level or gpu level errors. Sometimes the OS can cause this to happen or a poorly written game or game making incorrect API calls. Artefacting on windows after a display crash is either a sign that your driver is corrupted or needs to be reinstalled or your GPU is on its way out. I've only had this happen to myself once, but I saw this in my friend's PC and BIOS as well. Also, were there any changes to hardware that you made prior to this occurring?
  3. Graphical Errors and what sounds like a display adapter recovering from a crash sounds like a GPU issue. Do you get a notification that your display adapter crashed and recovered?
  4. Is there any kind of speed differences between the chipset level and OS level?
  5. Hello, I have a RAID0 setup between 2 smaller SSD's that I have been using as a half terabyte game drive. It is currently using the on-board chipset RAID support. Will I lose the volume setup if I move the array to a Z390 board and CPU while matching the same SATA ports? I have attempted to dig this answer around for a bit now, but cannot seem to find a clear answer. For the future should I just use Windows Storage Spaces for ease of transfer between builds?
  6. If you value the features that Nvidia cards give you along with GPU performance upgrades I do not see an issue with purchasing the cards the same day of release. However you must also take what Nvidia says with a grain of salt in terms of promised performance. If you are happy with just a 30-40% increase of performance, its more than likely a safe bet to pull the trigger. It is your time and money after all.
  7. Are there any generally well written Memory OC Guides? I have OC'ed my CPU and GPU before, but I never dared touch my memory timings and voltage
  8. I paid $300 for the combo. Sorry for the lack of context.
  9. On the Best Buy side of things I asked a worker of the PC section of the store. He came off very annoyed and aggravated when I asked if they have had physical stock in-store the day of release for new GPU launches in the past. Almost like I was asking him for Best Buy trade secrets or something. He even said that some employees are wanting to purchase the cards implying that they would be holding the cards for employees first or something. This as a Best Buy in Virginia Beach, VA. So your mileage may vary.
  10. Hello, I just picked up a pretty awesome deal on a unopened 9700K and a Open Box Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA ATX LGA1151 Motherboard. I plan on upgrading my current system that is a 7600K with a kit of 32GB of 2400MHz memory. I watched some benchmarking videos outlining that at most if I upgrade the ram to 3000 or 3200 MHz speeds that I will see FPS increases of about 5-10 FPS. I can't seem to rationalize that cost vs performance for an entirely new kit of memory. I have some concerns, but nothing that has been explained clearly or demonstrated my case scenario. I am looking for advi
  11. I am thinking about upgrading my trusty Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB model to a 3060 model in the upcoming 3000 series of GPUs releasing in the far future. But I was thinking about the upgrade as a whole and curious if it will be bottle-necked by CPU. This is my current system specs at the time of writing: Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-A CPU: i5-7600K overclocked to 4.9Ghz RAM: 32GB of G.Skill Ripjaws at 2400Mhz GPU: EVGA FTW2 1060-6GB I currently have a 144Hz g-sync monitor that I game on at 1080p. Is this something that I can essentially plug and play after
  12. After a long hiatus from playing World of Warcraft I have returned to play Legion with a few friends. Since I've played my system has aged a bit as well, and I am looking for a new video card that can run the game a bit better. Currently I am using a i5-4460 with a R9 380. With settings set to High, max view distance, and foliage maxed I can see dips into the low 30s on occasion but for the most part of the game I am in the high 60s, low 70s on a resolution of 1920*1080p. I would like to max the game out on Ultra on my current resolution, but not over do it and spend too much for naught. What
  13. I would love one of these little guys. It would make summer movie nights so much better!