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  1. SemperVideo was a moderately sized YouTube channel with over 300K subscribers. It's not like he had no following at all. 300K is quite large for a channel in German focusing on IT videos.
  2. Exactly my thought. But maybe this is the start and if these other channels start getting reported, they will also be taken down.
  3. Just wanted to point out its a 13 year old channel, not person.
  4. Especially when in the past, they did the same thing and marked it as a mistake, but yet their policies didn't change to prevent more strikes. I wonder how many smaller channels that didn't have such a fan base to spread the word that had good tutorials were taken down without any help.
  5. The biggest issue at the moment is that the claimant has all the power and can disagree when you protest it, and you end up with a strike on your channel, even if you never had any of their content in your video in the first place, and YouTube will do nothing to help.
  6. As a software engineer, I also have the same reaction. It's very worrying that more videos that actually show hacking and how to prevent against it, like SQL injection, could also be taken down and those that use YouTube as a learning tool would become unaware such an attack.
  7. I am not in contact with them, but I read about their situation and wanted to bring it up here to hopefully get some airtime on the WAN show to help rectify the problem, similar to what happened with Hardware Unboxed.
  8. Summary YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel, after they received three strikes against their channel for questionable reasons. SemperVideo had a wide variety of tutorials ranging from Raspberry Pis to Samba. The first strike came from a video where SemperVideo showed viewers how to install a VPN using the command prompt and the reasoning for the strike was "showing hacking instructions" (Source). The second strike came when SemperVideo uploaded a video showing how to access a "hidden" Windows 10 2004 start menu, which involved importing
  9. Well.. uh.. no. The 7820x has a mesh bus instead of ring bus. And has more PCIe lanes.
  10. Well if it affects Visual Studio, I'm going to be screwed. Just starting to get into even larger projects in school, and it may not take too long right now, but if Skylake is affected up to 60% as that one report is saying, I'm going to need something faster.
  11. It more seems to be anything that has a large amount of system calls is affected more. And fair enough, smart of you to keep images.
  12. Just remember that it would mainly affect tasks that are affected by this bug in general. So unless you do a ton of VM work, you might not even notice the 5% they are talking about.
  13. Basically looking to stream 720p60fps on Youtube or Twitch. My built pc with a 6600k is bottlenecked by the cpu when it comes to streaming so I'm looking to offload onto another PC
  14. Ok I have a Laptop with a 4500U i5 2C/4T, would that be powerful enough for streaming what the capture card captures?
  15. That's still awefully expensive when I built my PC just a year ago.. And I would rather build it with the X5650 for cheaper, I was just wondering if it was viable.