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  1. Probably £1000-1500, so up to $2000. Although prices are higher in the UK, so basically $1000-$1500
  2. Hi, I'm looking at building an editing/gaming PC/Storage Machine & NAS style thing, been as internal hard drives are a tad cheaper and I can do stuff like RAID arrays? Are there any motherboards/storage configurations you'd recommend for this use? Basically I just don't see the point in buying two sets of hardware to do what could be done in one. I'm not planning on it being on 24/7, just when I need to access files. I probably need to store in the range of 10Tb of files (multi-hour ProRes video files lol).
  3. I think AMD probably has the capability to come with a better offering next time around, they did manage to catch up to Intel, although Intel hasn't made much progress in recent years. My off topic ramblings: Intel is still stuck on 14nm, I wonder if they are having specific challenges trying to do it in-house, or if the bean counters aren't dedicating enough to R&D. I still think that matching AMD's performance on 14nm might be possible, with some incredible overhauls of the whole processor, but then considering how much AMD is advancing on their CPU designs too, who know
  4. Using a higher sample rate like 96KHz will help with doing "slow motion audio". Certain NLE's and DAW's will preserve audio pitch when speeding up or slowing down an audio sample, so it's certainly very possible. In regards to "slow motion microphones", it depends what you mean. The different pitches of sound we perceive are created by different frequencies of audio waves, so inherently you will always pick up any audio waves generated between 20Hz-20,000Hz, provided you are sampling at double this rate (Nyquist Theorem!) If you mean picking up sounds above 20,000Hz, then yes, there proba
  5. Yeah, $10,000 seems about right for those specs. I think it'll definitely find use in industry, especially as a hire cam.
  6. I'll message one of the more independent supplies in Manchester and see what they have to say. It's online shopping only due to the lockdown, so that may exclude some places, but I'll message and see if they can let me know when they have stuff in stock. Yeah, hopefully they can recover supplies faster than Nvidia is... I'll see if I can place a backorder for an RTX 3070 first, then I can look at CPUs. I would like Zen3, but I'll probably look out for a black friday deal on any 3000 series processors, if there are any.
  7. Hi Everyone, I was looking at building a PC for video editing, Maya and RTX Minecraft , but finding parts at the moment is near impossible. I wanted to use the New Ryzen chips (almost completely sold out) and an RTX Graphics card (literally none in stock, not even 20 series). Everyone being stuck inside with COVID is probably worsening things, but it's mad how difficult getting your hands on any of this stuff is right now... I'm based in the UK, how are people around the world finding it? I would guess our allocation probably isn't as good as North America, but it's probabl
  8. Vaccine debate aside, HoW did you get your 3080???
  9. Yeah, hopefully the AMD cards relieve some pressure on the RTX ones. So I think I'll hang on till then, especially to see if Ryzen 5000 series & motherboards that don't need bios-updates become more available.
  10. I think I probably will be hardcore RTX for now. I'm just not confident AMD will be there with the drivers, especially i.e raytracing and compatibility with productivity stuff like Premiere, AE and Maya. Also, RTX Minecraft is a giant juicy cherry on top Well I wanted to build a new Machine to get me through this depressing lockdown winter, so I can play FS2020. So I'm looking what's going to be available in the near future, not something that'll take as long as this vaccine
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm sure you are all aware of the RTX 3000 series supply shortages and honestly it seems like it will be impossible to get my hands on any of the new silicon anytime soon. So, what I'm wondering is if I should just go for one of the older 2000 series cards and if these offer comparable value with performance per $? In the UK, 2080 SUPER cards seem to be going for around £700, which seems a bit steep considering the 3080 delivers around 70% better performance for a similar price. But then again, 3000 series cards aren't available and don't look to be available until e
  12. Hitfilm 3 Express is pretty powerful but from my experience of Hit film it has quite a steep learning curve. On the upside it's a great learning tool! After my experience with Hit film 2 express, Final Cut Pro was a doddle
  13. Humans don't see in fps at all. We never do a complete refresh of our vision. We just process the stuff we're looking at or that is moving. The whole "60fps" human vision thing is untrue. Or the fact you need at least "60fps" to see realistically is also untrue. Just play in what makes you happy and that actually makes a difference for you. Everyone processes what they see differently and as long as you're monitor works for you be it 30, 60, 90 or even 120hz then go for it.
  14. Skullcandy headphones. I don't have the best experiences with headphones to be honest but Skullcandy have been the ones that have completely unintentionally gone funny on me. The audio jacks on them are really terrible. If I move to a different position the sound either completely cuts out or just plays in one ear until I move it round a bit again. I have swapped with lighter cables to improve the problem but have heard even models with non replaceable cables are suffering from similar issues rendering them absolutely useless as you can't swap cables or attempt to move the cable round a bit to
  15. That's one of my main problems with the Crew."Oh the graphics look really crap but that's OK BECAUSE GUESS WHAT!?!?! We've spent all our money covering the screen with crap instead of making it look less like everything was modelled in MS paint!