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  1. Thank you for all the replies so far! Really appreciate it
  2. Hello LinusTechTips community! I've never had space for a desktop PC, which restricted me to laptops to use for PC gaming. After having gone through 2 laptops already, and finally moving to a larger place, I've decided to leave laptops altogether, as I cannot stand the constant BSODs, display driver stopping functioning, overheating, etc. Not to mention the horrendous 37 FPS on games with everything turned down to low I really wanted to go via the Intel/NVIDIA route, just through personal preference, and having other family members' success with these suppliers The constraint
  3. UPDATE: All my inquiries into venues fell through for one reason or another, so just wondering what "type" of venue should I be looking to hire for around 100 people?
  4. Will probably rent out some dedi-boxes and run some on there, but it was mainly a social gathering thing, where people could just game together, and possibly on the same game/server
  5. Organising it myself, probably a cheap entry of £25-30 for the 2 days
  6. Would be really cool if you could Still all on paper right now, might not do it for a while, as I really need to have everything planned to the last punctuation mark before I can set things into motion
  7. Got it, might invest in one then, as it might just make everything run that much smoother Using good ol' physics, P=IxV, I=P/V, the average voltage supplied in the UK is 230V, so 800/230 comes up to around 3.5V per person. Rounding that up to 4V per person for ease, need to find a supplier that can possibly set up a portable power source. I was thinking of using 6ft tables, 2 people per table, with an 8-port switch finishing at each table cluster of 4 tables, in a 2x2 formation. Would you happen to know of anybody that knows how to setup a caching server for a LAN? Ma
  8. What would one use a caching server for? (Please don't kill me for asking this ) Thank you for all this great info btw, really appreciated
  9. If you decide to come & live in the UK, sure
  10. Hi there LTT community! After watching a few videos of various LAN parties, I thought it would be a good idea to host a LAN party of about 100 people to bring our small community together, etc. I have an average understanding of networking, and I think I should have at least part of the knowledge to setup a network infrastructure, at least the physical side of things. I have a few venues that I'm keeping my eye out for, and have searched up places to hire 6ft desks, fold-able chairs, etc. I am here to ask how to setup a network for 100 people, fully. Along with power systems,
  11. Where did you buy the servers from?
  12. All I will say is; from past experience, buying copper tubes already plated with nickel/chrome tend to crack on the surface of the joint if you bend them. I might try bending copper and then just popping round the corner to a metal plating company See what the results are then. Sadly, lack of funds means I cannot complete my planned build, and a lack of previous builds prevents me from gathering sponsors Oh well, only time will tell EDIT: You could also try make a "hackintosh" PC with the same colour scheme; would allow you to combine designing + gaming into one