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  1. I will post the setup I was looking to use on my MacBook Pro 2013 15” 2.6ghz https://www.amazon.com/Sintech-Adapter-Upgrade-2013-2015-MacBook/dp/B01CWWAENG?th=1&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-970-EVO-Plus-MZ-V7S1T0B/dp/B07MFZY2F2/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=970%2Bevo&qid=1556926700&s=gateway&sr=8-2&th=1&psc=1
  2. Hey, so I just bought a refurbished 2013 15” MacBook Pro, and I’m looking to upgrade the internal storage. So I’m trying to figure out how much acceptable storage is possible in this system, I know 1TB of flash is possible, however I’m wondering about larger capacity such as a 2TB (I have seen some not many) or anything larger.! Now, cost wise I’m sure the 1TB is a great deal, however jumping to 2TB’s seems to be a significant cost increase. is 2TB’s even possible.!? i was thinking along the lines of Samsung’s 1TB 970 evo.
  3. Any more insight with this is much wellcome.
  4. Someone mentioned that the loss won’t be noticeable , is this true?
  5. Hey guys, I’m just looking at getting some insight as to the performance of eGPU set up with a Titan X (Maxwell). with a razed core if that matters. all your information and insight is helpful and much welcome . thanks guys .!!!!!!!!
  6. my headset is an astro a40 headset, has worked on my PC for a whole year now, worked amazing actually, all drivers are up to date, and the the headset status says its fine . and that its working.
  7. yes it works fine, i just think the settings are messed up
  8. Hey guys, i think im just about done with pulling out my hair on this one. but here goes, my mic isnt working, i have plugged the mic into my phone and the mic itself works fine, my sound shutoff on the mic cord is on, all my plugs and wires are fine, and plugged in, everything is normal, i just noticed last night out of no where it stopped working, i went into sound settings on temaspeak thinking it was teamspeak and found nothing wrong or changed, went through the wizard and it wouldn't pick up voice over the mic what so ever, i went into the sound settings and found my mic settings, i made
  9. what abount mounting the rad/res combo on the roof of the case, still on the inside but on the roof,by the cpu maybe or something like that, no clue how i would mount it up there but there would be no graphics cards or anything, i emailed the dude from singularity computers about getting a water box built, maybe that might solve my problems, but for the time being i still need a way to have an on-board pump/res unit installed
  10. take a look at this silly mock up i just made and tell me if this is right or wrong.
  11. not gonna lie, but man i was reallllly thinking about doing an all black build, but then i thought that it wouldn't look as nice, so i came up with a white cpu block idea, with black fittings and using clear tubing ,with white pastel coolant .
  12. i reallly like the pump/res combo you linked, was one of the ones i was looking at on the EK webstore, wouldnt i be able to mount to the floor of the case using velcro tape ? or wait doesnt this case have hdd mounting bays wouldn't that pump/res combo you linked mount into one of those ?
  13. fuck me nevermind i just answered my own stupid questions , im a visual learner so when i saw this http://support.fractal-design.com/support/solutions/articles/4000019458-node-804-water-cooling-radiator-options everything just made sense. rad dimensions now make sense, lol. and i was thinking about using the white block https://www.dazmode.com/store/product/ek-supremacy-evo-white-edition/ is there any performance difference that you can notice ? do you have a square shape res&pump option to look at ? and i like the alphacool rad option looks nice, any difference in performence between t