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  1. Found a video by Hardware Unboxed about it. Apparently the crashing didn't happen in Linux - it was a Windows only thing - and as such was almost certianly a driver issue. Testing post-patch (which was only deployed for Windows) found a minor change in freqency targets, but no change in observed, real-world core frequencies (or performance).
  2. Pretty sure this was all concluded to be complete bollocks? That the different capacitors weren't to blame and the whole thing was solved with a driver update?
  3. Also ReShade would apply FSR over the top of any overlay elements like the HUD, unlike when FSR is implemented in a game (as mentioned in the LTT video) and so even if you were to get it working you would lose sharpness on any text there.
  4. Thankfully it seems that only game data has been taken, which in the grand scheme of things isn't particularly useful (what game company is ever going to risk the legal shitshow that would occur from looking at it, let alone paying for it?) The only people interested in this stuff really will be other hacking groups and modders. Had the hack involved user or employee data, things would be far more serious.
  5. Personally I think it should be called the Z-Slide. Could make a sick advert with some help from good old DJ Casper. Slide to the left!
  6. This isn't "unhackable" at all - it's just cryptography. It's based upon a Simon cipher which - while efficient to run on hardware - is certainly not an impenetrable cipher given enough time. Indeed, Simon is criticised by security researchers due to how close attacks have gotten to breaking it - they are already getting ~70% of the way there despite it only being released in 2015. This much is even stated by one of the inventors in an interview: As he explains in that same interview, the idea here is to prevent a single type of attack - Remote Code Execution - by ma
  7. Indeed I hadn't considered iGPUs. Certainly there it would make more sense to run on the CPU - especially on consoles where you have a fixed set of hardware. Yes, because DLSS can't do this. Even DLSS 2.0 requires information provided by the game outside of the video signal - this is why it can't be enabled as a driver-level feature that works on every game out there. The Nvidia shield doesn't use DLSS to upscale video - it uses its own AI model to do this - which adds up with the marketing for the feature not mentioning DLSS anywhere. As far as AMD's marketing is co
  8. This won't be done on the CPU, simply because of the inefficiency of doing so. Sending that much data from the GPU framebuffer (~53MB per frame at 4k) to the CPU and back will take a not-insignificant amount of time. And this problem only gets worse and worse the higher your framerate. At 100fps, this transfer alone would be using a third of the bandwidth provided by an x16 PCI-E 4.0 link, leaving much less time per frame for any processing at either end and likely restricting the feature to systems with that full 4.0x16 link available. (That is unless you were to introduce a frame delay, but
  9. I guess this is the death of the Surface Neo as well then. Shame. While I never would have wanted one (as a first-gen product), I thought it was a very interesting concept.
  10. Luggage tags are for when the airline's tag gets ripped off during processing, so that the luggage handlers can get it where it's meant to go - this is generally a listed requirement in the ts&cs when flying. Those handlers aren't going to remove your tag and pillage your stuff, because it's their job to deal with it and doing so would get them fired. Outside of the airport, yes luggage tags are generally considered completely useless. That is generally my experience with losing things, yes. If I lose it, it's gone. And the statistics back this up - only ~10-20% of lost item
  11. Personally I find this tidbit much more interesting - no Xeon in a Mac Pro?
  12. I'm not sure how accurate this is. Google trends looks at how often people are searching for the term through the search engine, not how many people are accessing the service. Given that over 80% of Facebook users use the service solely through the app, it makes sense that the amount of people searching the word "facebook" has trended down since 2010 - back when the main internet device for many people was still a laptop. You aren't seeing the drop of Facebook's importance in that graph - you're seeing the adoption of the smartphone. Indeed, Facebook reported that they
  13. Not at competitive framerates of course, but it's definitely playable. https://www.userbenchmark.com/PCGame/FPS-Estimates-League-of-Legends/3761/7824. League isn't exactly a difficult game to run.
  14. I definitely would not buy a GTX 570 in 2021. That thing is ancient (2010) and does not have modern driver support. Also 1.2GB of VRAM is... ouch.
  15. Looks fairly legit, although I absolutely hate the idea of spending $100+ (including shipping) on a 750ti... That being said, buying on ebay is pretty much as safe as you get when buying second-hand. They have very good buyer protection these days, so if it turns out not to be legit then it should be pretty easy to request a refund. (I'd still pay with a credit card for an extra level of safety though)
  16. The Win 10 people got to run through QEMU is the shitty ARM version, which you can't buy a license for as a user - they're only available to OEMs. If you're ok with breaking piracy laws to do this then go ahead, but anyone wanting to do actual work on that machine shouldn't be doing so as it's just not worth it. As far as most users are concerned: no, you can't run Win 10 on M1 macs.
  17. You pretty much can't get any GPU at the moment on that budget, except for ancient designs from 15 years ago that have been sitting in the back of the warehouse gathering dust. Even two generation old cards are selling for more than that at the moment. Just save your money and wait.
  18. This is a really complicated question because of the sorts of things both entities will be doing with their cash reserves, but if we go purely by what they have in the bank then the answer is no, they don't have more money than the EU. The same is true if you're talking yearly income - the EU's income is larger than Microsoft's. EU (the governing body, not a sum of the income of all member states): Yearly Income (gross): €148.2 Billion Gold and Cash reserves: €470.7 Billion Total Assets (including cash reserves): €4.671 Trillion Microsoft: Yearly Inc
  19. I can see why you would oppose that. I used the plural because he said "despite how much everyone tries to paint me as one" - I was merely matching his langauge there.
  20. Ok yeah reading that back now I can see that... Apologies RejZoR. Exactly. There are indeed blind fanboys out there, but dismissing valid critique (as I believe this thread originally was) as such is wrong. Critique is important and nobody should be immune to it. The world isn't black or white - everything has good and bad sides to it. I did say it was my point of view, if you disagree with that then that's your right. But I agree that there I should have phrased that second post differently - maybe "why people may label you as a fanboy" would have been better.
  21. I did not dig through your history at all. AS I SAID - this is from what I've seen of you around the site - although 99% is from this post here. But I can now think of another reason why people don't listen to you here: you don't listen to what other people are saying.
  22. I'm not asking for an argument here. I'm merely going to explain my view, and my opinion as to why you may feel that you have this reputation, given what I've seen around this site (full disclaimer: I'm not on here constantly. I will have missed things you have posted). Feel free to completely ignore it, but don't bother writing a heated response if you take offense to what I've said. I'm not trying to insult you - I'm just trying to help. I'll put it in a spoiler because it's not relevant to the thread itself:
  23. On the one hand, I get it. I like that Apple are trying to prevent people from getting ripped off by services like this, that's cool. On the other hand, I don't like that Apple - the ones who own the store - are now essentially dictating the prices at which independent companies can sell their products. It is the right of a company to charge as much as they want for their own product - who do Apple think they are to say otherwise? It's like Micro Center saying to Intel "Hey your CPUs are overpriced, reduce the price or we won't stock them" - an absurd notion that would recieve a mi