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  1. Ok so atm i have for 1080p monitors in surround gaming with an auxiliary monitor running on two gtx 670 dye 4gb cards. I wanna know would it be worth upgrading. And if so should I upgrade to asingle 980 or two 970s?
  2. The thing with cpu mounting hardware is it all has the same degree angle going out from the cpu the only thing that changes is the distance the hole is from the center of the cpu. Due to the different size socket type. Some blocks are specifit to that socket. Like a 1155 and 1156 have the same socket layout and i do beleive the 1150 has the same aswell. Have not looked into it. But the 1366 and 2011 are much larger chip sizes so if it isnt a universal mount it wont fit.
  3. i think tonight when i get home from the movies i am going to try and mount my cpu block. ^.^
  4. i found a few screws around the house that is almost the dame length and got out some washers i had for the rads and got them all screwed in. ^.^
  5. well they were m3s 10mm but sadly i thought i only needed 4 but i needed 5 so i sadly i have to go back.... sadface. such a waist of gas. EDit: sadly i just looked it up and i and screwed till tommorow. since they just colosed a few min ago. ( pardon the pun)
  6. ok so grab some screws from ace. that are a little longer then this. i think these are m4s. right?
  7. ok well i am in the process of installing my water blocks on my gtx 670 ftw 4gb editions. well when i was trying to install the waterblock with the back plate that came with my gpu i was only able to install 6 of the screws. the ones around the gpu core and two of the corners where the backplate doesnt cover. so what should i do. there is ram on the back of the gpu. should i just not use the backplate. or run the block with only the 6 screws that are in. atm. i am installing a aquacomputer gtx 680 block on the card.
  8. As i said over at RRTech. Amazing build still hope i can finish mine by lanfest atl.