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  1. Informative
    godzrule reacted to RCruey in W10 Multi-monitor single touch screen cursor issue   
    Well, its going to steal the cursor from your display when the touch screen works like a mouse in general. So when you go to operate the touch screen whatever is going to be on that display will ave your mouse going over there to operate it. However to have it set up like that, I think you have to adjust the settings in the game to make it work like the way you are wanting it too. But outside of that it is going to act like your basic mouse setup. I hope this helped. 
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    godzrule reacted to Electro_XD in Which Monitor Should I Get?   
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    godzrule reacted to Gentlekatt in Gaming laptop for 900-1000 euros   
    oh ok thank you guys  but i think i can make my friend change his mind and build pc he this its epic
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    godzrule got a reaction from Delicieuxz in $490 27" 1440p 144hz G-Sync Monitor by Dell Gaming   
    I just bought it, solid choice imo. IPS is only good once you get a working unit and with the high rate of failures and returns its just not worth it. If you get it and it doesnt break thats great! but the QA could just come right after the return window. I know the colors are great on it however with the bleeding, returns (several times) and price tag, it all adds up to a monitor that is just not ready yet. The dell has great QA and if you are competitive in gaming is the better monitor due to naturally better motion clarity and faster repose times. All in all its a preference, i had the money for both but chose the product i knew would last. My build is meant to last so i had to choose the monitor the same way. 
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    godzrule reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Blue Screen Of Death is killing me.   
    Its a program installed to a flash drive. It tests your ram. I had random BSODs of random names and they were RAM related.
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    godzrule reacted to Totallycasual in Laptop Turns on but no display   
    Hard to trouble shoot anything when you cant see the screen, do you have a spare monitor around that you could plug into it? 
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    godzrule reacted to Octa33 in Help from scratch on everything!   
    This looks great. I like the Processor (price and performance) Especially for the final price.
    I will modify the SSD set up for HDD/ SSD config; which will wash out, maybe save $100. But all in all This works really well.
  8. Informative
    godzrule reacted to don_svetlio in It is worth the upgrade   
    Battery boost is 20 mins or so
  9. Informative
    godzrule got a reaction from Loleo in E-ATX Case for 380-ish USD   
    anytime glad too, I have an ATX board this one >>>> Asus Maximus Formula VIII
    It has extra room and support for E-ATX.
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    godzrule reacted to DioOmicida in Asus Formula VIII Q-code 99 please help!   
    Yes, he was able to resolve it. And yes again. It was his first build and he plugged the 6pin power connector upside down in his GPU. I didn't think that was possible and it probably didn't make full contact.
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    godzrule got a reaction from Sharkyx1 in 2500k a ti & Nvidia Surround?   
    Thank you for that link that answers my question!
  12. Informative
    godzrule reacted to Glenwing in 2500k a ti & Nvidia Surround?   
    Monitors and resolutions have no impact on CPU load, so whether a CPU can "handle" a certain monitor setup is a nonsensical question
  13. Agree
    godzrule reacted to Sharkyx1 in 2500k a ti & Nvidia Surround?   
    Here's a real time comparison between the last 4 gens of i5 and an 8350 worst case scenario Titan X at 1080p
  14. Informative
    godzrule reacted to DragonTamer1 in 2500k a ti & Nvidia Surround?   
    Your 2500K will be slight bottleneck to the 980ti. It will be a big bottleneck if you do something like play GTA V and try to watch a live stream at the same time.
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    godzrule reacted to Pandora in AIO 980ti vs AIR + longevity   
    also the fan is replaceable 
    also if the pump dies u can revert to air cooling.
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    godzrule reacted to EdInk in AIO 980ti vs AIR + longevity   
    See how much manufacturers warranty is on the item, a good starting point me thinks,...i think with EVGA you can extend the warranty period for a fee
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    godzrule reacted to Curufinwe_wins in Whats better a triple slim bezel setup or a nice Ips G sync 1440P monitor? with a 980ti?   
    1440p ultra wide is best there is imho.
    3 monitor surround is amazing for productivity but awful for most gaming (distortion is really bad on basically all but racing titles).
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    godzrule reacted to Fulgrim in New Hyper 212 90+ min temps Help!   
    Those temps are fine mate.
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    godzrule reacted to pokechat8978 in New Hyper 212 90+ min temps Help!   
    You're using F is the problem, you genuinely scared me into thinking you had 90C+ temps.
    90F is about 32C, so you should be fine.
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    godzrule reacted to Kobathor in New Hyper 212 90+ min temps Help!   
    All of those temps are in fahrenheit, totally safe temps. 90C would be dangerous, not 90F.
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    godzrule reacted to Fulgrim in New Hyper 212 90+ min temps Help!   
    Hottest core in that pic = 122 Fahrenheit. Which works out as 50 Celsius. Your temps are fine.
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    godzrule got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in A8 - 6600k for gaming.   
    negligible imo
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    godzrule reacted to Laputacake in Modding Toolkit.   
    A dremel
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    godzrule got a reaction from Bl00dgod in 27" 1440p IPS   
    1.Is g-sync worth it: YES
    2.I agree that what gpu team (team Red or Green) you pick should be what monitor you either have or will soon go with.
    3.If the 700$ you are referring to is the 1440P, 144hz with g-sync Monitor than the money is well worth its cost. The monitor should stay relevant to gaming for at least 3 year to come.
    4. The 4k  Monitor not having a high enough refresh rate kills the monitor for most if not all gamers, the current strongest single Gpu is not able to have respectable frames for 4k so the scope of potential buyers is even smaller.

    Well as for the price its because they are not being sold out, 
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    godzrule reacted to Hiylo in How long should I be spending on my computer?   
    haha, I'm currently growing my hair long. Sometimes idk whether i want to cut it or not