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    pokechat8978 reacted to Enderman in Is Intel’s Thermal Paste ACTUALLY That Bad?   
    You can see at 7:20 that the layer of compound is tens or hundreds of microns thicker than that of the previously applied liquid NT-H1.
    This is far thicker than normal when it is applied to intel CPUs, as you can see at 2:30.
    I'm not sure if you guys are aware of how heat transfer works, but the 'm' in w/mk is a measure of distance, so the performance of the paste is inversely proportional to the thickness of application.
    If the layer of 'stuff' you put on the CPU was 100 microns thick compared to a 1 micron layer of NT-H1, you can expect a 100x thermal transfer difference.
    You basically replaced some variables with even more variables in this test.
    A proper way of doing this test would be to 
    A) obtain the thermal compound used in intel CPUs in its LIQUID form, not after it has dried
    B) fill two low-thermally-conductive tubes several cm long with each thermal compound, NT-H1 and the intel compound
    C) place a heating element/resistor in one end of each of the tubes inside the thermal compound
    D) place a temperature probe in all 4 ends of the two tubes
    E) adjust the power to the resistors until you get the same temperature values on the resistor ends
    F) measure the temperature on the opposite end
    G) calculate the w/mk to see the real difference in thermal performance
    If you can't obtain the real thermal paste in liquid form, then measuring the temperature of the CPU before being delidded, then after delidding with the new compound, is still a much more accurate way of measuring the performance difference.
    The thickness of the original layer of material will be almost identical to the thickness when you replace it with the new NT-H1, since the NT-H1 is still liquid.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to minibois in Locked out of google?   
    Contact Google support, but they will probably want some proof of your age now. Or they might just reject you, as this does sound super shady.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to Megah3rtz in Locked out of google?   
    "google age thing" elaborate 
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    pokechat8978 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Canon T5 VS T5i VS T6   
    t5i is worth the extra of a t5/t6.
    Do you really need a dslr though. A cheaper camcorder will also work fine. How about this https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/camcorders/consumer/vixia/vixia-hf-r700
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    pokechat8978 reacted to WoodenMarker in onboard graphics and card at same time   
    Yes, motherboards often do this by default. You can turn on iGPU Multi-monitor in the motherboard settings to enable the iGPU when you have a graphics card installed. 
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    pokechat8978 reacted to PRTI in Asus vs Gigabyte?   
    A GTX 1060 3GB is sharing blows with a RX 470 a RX 480 beats both
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    pokechat8978 reacted to Abyssal Radon in Moving from AMD to Intel CPU, Help required!   
    Well get a i5 6600k and a Z170 board. Also you will probably have to get DDR4 ram for that system. Another thing is that you should do a fresh install of Windows with the new platform upgrade.
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    pokechat8978 got a reaction from acercon in Clip on Mic   
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    pokechat8978 reacted to PCGuy_5960 in CPU   
    I would recommend to get an i5 4460/4590/4690
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    pokechat8978 reacted to Vintagecookie in You can still get windows 10 for free!..?   
    It's way more polished now with the anniversary update.
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    pokechat8978 got a reaction from Vintagecookie in You can still get windows 10 for free!..?   
    I agree.
    The only thing that bothers me (So far) is that the "All Apps" is open by default in the Start Menu.
    Oh and the "Active Hours" under Windows Update. I wish it wouldn't download updates during those. It's very annoying trying to play CS:GO with an update downloading in the background when you have a terrible Internet connection.
  12. Informative
    pokechat8978 got a reaction from Rektum in Some Questions About Streaming   
    1. Probably
    2. That seems fine
    3. You should get a second monitor so you can have your game open on one monitor, and chat, Skype, Teamspeak etc open on the other.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to ARikozuM in Which ssd is better for just a os   
    If you can spring 60 the SP550 240GB by A-Data is a good drive.
  14. Funny
    pokechat8978 reacted to Notional in They're relocating Australia, wait, what?   
    Even Australia is trying to get away from its wildlife.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to byalexandr in First Year Of High school Any Tips?   
    Just don't act retarded. I'm a senior this year, the freshmen aren't that bad, it's just the annoying ones that want attention no matter the cost. Basically "don't be that guy".
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    pokechat8978 reacted to don_svetlio in Which of these GPU's is faster?   
    the R9 380 is mote powerful than the 680 and 270X
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    pokechat8978 reacted to AstroBenny in How To set Temp limit?   
    Serves you right for playing a cracked version of the game imo.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to Dabombinable in Best thermal paste?   
    MX 4 is right up there with the expensive (and best) thermal compounds-its got the best value of all thermal compounds as well.
  19. Funny
    pokechat8978 reacted to catzambia in GTX 1060 vs GTX Titan X   
    Do you mean the Titan XP?
  20. Agree
    pokechat8978 reacted to HKZeroFive in Upgrade Path for Graphics Card   
    Option three sounds good. You may see what AMD offers with Vega and you can upgrade to Kaby Lake once the prices stabilise. Either that or Zen.
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    pokechat8978 got a reaction from Kavawuvi in Difference between oem and non oem parts   
    OEM should be ONLY the CPU. Non-OEM should come with some sort of documentation in the box.
    Grab whichever's cheaper. Doesn't entirely matter.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to FRN in MSi's Frozr or Asus DirectCU   
    Ideally, you may want to avoid ASUS cards due to their cooling. I don't know for their latest cards, but history suggests you should avoid ASUS. Go for MSI.
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    pokechat8978 got a reaction from TheRandomness in DDR3L vs DDR3 Memory Compatibility   
    Pretty much, although if you're looking at a Skylake PC, you might as well go with DDR4. Not that much more expensive than DDR3.
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    pokechat8978 reacted to SSL in I really don't want to screw up again.   
    top kek
    Sounds like you're just buying shit for the sake of it. Have you stopped to figure out what you actually NEED from a camera?
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    pokechat8978 reacted to Knaj in @LinusTech Twitter Account Hacked   
    Can we stop with these threads?
    God this is worse than people asking when the pricing of the 1080 and 1070 will lower.