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  1. Not-So-Solid State: SSD Makers Swap Parts Without Telling Us Buying SSD storage can be an uncalculated risk Author: Sean Webster Originally posted: Dec 1, 2020 Summary In a review of ADATA's 1TB M.2 XPG SX8200 Pro SSDs Tom's Hardware writer Sean Webster found disturbing variances in performance within the model's revisions (V1, V2, V3). The deeper dive found that many components and firmware settings were different among the revisions that yielded slower performance (especially in write performance) across the benchmark suite conducted. Quote
  2. Check out this article about this great deal: http://wccftech.com/limited-time-xiaomi-air-12-13-notebook-deals-starting-from-489/ It looks like there is an arrangement to provide discounted Xiaomi notebook products for new market immersion. If you haven't seen these machines it is because we live in a bubble, burst it please.
  3. I am definitely using my iGPU from my 4770 to hose around in light mobas and silly simulators.
  4. What projector technology should have been back in 2009 yet still relevant in 2016. Large viewing experience in less than large halls needed, almost a must have in classrooms, churches, board rooms and basements. I would definitely be recommending this as the only projector to invest in for the future.
  5. Rig name : OpenBoxCpu: I7-4770 @stockGpu: R9 Fury NitroRam: 16GB Vengeance DDR3Score: 8.7 Interesting that 8.7 and 9.7 don't look that much off. I have zero tweaks to my machine btw.
  6. I just put together my own desk, built with my own two meatclaws and placing a very nice 40" 4k monito, thus with a new look means new peripherals. I love to rock a Kova, maybe white because I want to get a new mech keyboard ,tenkeyless of course, to create the biggest size disparity between desk, monitor and input devices.
  7. Totes wanna plug this into family's Christmas gift, 4k TV!!
  8. Just bought and put together a Skylake platform and my current Windows 7 boot drive BSOD on boot. I am lost with this particular situation as my research is full of the whole Skylake and legacy USB support problems and not a real solution for my issue. Should I upgrade to Windows 10 on my old hardware, move the boot drive to the new hardware and ask MS to activate? Do I conduct a fresh install of Windows 7 on the Skylake hardware then upgrade to windows 10? Can I use a external usb dvd drive to install windows 7? I am at a loss of solutions guys, please help.
  9. Smart switch is perfect. Also don't mind that Virtual Shot. That would be great with the toddlers since they don't look at the camera all that long.