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  1. Hello, I am currently building a PC and I have some LEDs with a molex connector on the end. I was wondering whether if I could connect this to the sata/perif port on the EVGA 650 GS PSU it would supply 12v, the required amount? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have the NZXT S340 so there are no drive bays.
  3. I have almost finished my PC build and I've just realised that my h80i, when it has 2 fans attached, doesn't fit at the back. Should I remove one of the fans on the h80i to make it fit, put it on its own at the front, remove one of the fans and put it at the top, or just sell it? Help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. OK thank you for your help, I appreciate it.
  5. I have enough money, so should I just buy another exhaust fan and put it on top?
  6. Are you saying to put no fans on top?
  7. Hello, I am building a gaming PC and have the two NZXT 120mm fans that come with the NZXT S340 case, with the corsair h80i cpu cooler. I am wondering where I should position the fans, these are the possible positions: Front: 2x 140/2x120mm Top: 1x 140/120mm Rear: 1x 120mm I would very much appreciate your help, Thanks
  8. OK, they are virtually the same as the ebay item I linked, so I shall go with those then. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
  9. Are these LEDs any better, if I adapt them? 10/5M SMD 5050/3528 RGB 150/300/600 LED Strip Adapter IR Remote Waterproof Kit | eBay
  10. Hello, I am currently purchasing the components for my new Gaming PC and I'm wondering whether I would need any other cables, of which do not come included with the parts. This is my part list: Intel i5-4590 Hyper Evo 212 CPU Cooler MSI Z97 PC MATE 8GB RAM R9 380 4GB GPU 240GB SSD EVGA 650W PSU NZXT S340 NZXT LED Strip (1m) As I said above, if you could tell me whether I need any other cables which don't come with the components above, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks
  11. I am building a gaming PC and I'm wondering if I should/how much I should Overclock. This is my current build: Intel i5-4590 MSI Z97 PC MATE Motherboard R9 380 4GB GIGABYTE Graphics Card 240GB SSD 8GB RAM EVGA 650w PSU NZXT S340 If you could tell me if I should or how much I can overclock, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Would it be better to have fans drawing in at the front and pushing out at the back? and should I push air out of the top also?