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  1. Hi all, specs: i5 2500k gigabyte z77-d3h latest bios 16gb ddr3 1333 asus hd7970 3gb dcuii / leadtex gtx770 storages 650w monitor qnix qx2710led (DL-DVI only) hd7970 stock, comes with legacy vbios. no problem at all but i have to CSM in mobo. no big deal. decided to update the vbios with the latest one which supports UEFI gop. bios updated without issue. however... qnix decided to color cycle from post all the way into windows (means it cannot handshake with whatever res UEFI use). i had to grab another monitor to reflash th
  2. thats sweet. can put in bagpack and travel around with it.
  3. Please be aware. if you installed it, please remove and i would say, format your PC. Source from reddit.
  4. EVERYONE should use sdd at least for the boot device. install everyday software into it and you will live a happy life, lagless pc! (until pci-e ssd price fall down).
  5. hoping for international giveway vessel username : joeboto fav vessel vids : 1) https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 2) https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy Facebook share : https://www.facebook.com/joeboto/posts/10153239394323760 Twitter share : https://twitter.com/joeboto/status/580606699859501056
  6. Awesome giveway. Will be using this for gaming and media creation (using sony acid) if i win.
  7. favourite item would be the case. antec used to be the best case maker (p90). would like to see them rise again.
  8. trying my luck! found LTT youtube channel while watching other techies mineral oil pc. saw the one where linus was describing slicks own mineral oil pc. got hooked up after that.
  9. best thing about Z2 is especially the front speakers. yeah yeah HTC does it but HTC phones are ugly. i like sonys design. best thing about dbrand is they make custom skins, from smartphones to ps4! and the prices are reasonable too.
  10. from jayztwocents, of course it is this one. from techquickie, this one is my favourite.
  11. the signature on the back is a huge plus to own this laptop other than that IPS screen and i7 proc!
  12. 1. currently running kingston v300 120gb ssd as a boot drive. wd 250g caviar black hdd and samsung 1.5TB hdd, both for storage. pretty pissed at v300 due to seq read at ONLY 180mB/s, write around 100mB/s. googled around, it was the china made v300 causes the slow speed. the ones made from taiwan is excellent. however the boot speed still fast, until i plugged in the other 2 hdd drives, somehow it slows to 2 and half win8 loading circle at boot. 2. facebook : https://www.facebook.com/joeboto/posts/10151926787913760 3. twitter @joeboto : https://twitter.com/joeboto/status/380168781365911
  13. oh my! international contest! count me in! facebook share : https://www.facebook.com/joeboto/posts/10151691652238760